I Watch A Lot Of Documentaries ..

I love them. Especially the one called " Memory Loss tapes " on HBO . You got to see that one . It shows six or seven different people in various stage of dementia and I say that because I can't spell the word that starts with an A.

The shows about some courageous women in Africa I liked too. You can learn some amazing things watching them. There was another one about the differences between generations in Indonesia . In one scene it showed an elderly woman trying to teach another elderly woman how to cook with a gas stove. The woman couldn't learn it and said it was better and safer for her to go gather sticks like she has always done. I can't think of the name of it , but it was great.
I believe it was on HBO . Showtime has some good ones too, but not as good as HBO .

There was another one about those three boys that got convicted for murdering three little boys in Arkansas. Now that was a good story . They were let out of prison after many years and it was said they were not guilty . The West Memphis Three or something like that.

Well, that's why I like to watch them. So I can learn about other people's lives and sometimes learn about an injustice in great detail. I also love the one's about animals.

Looking foward to reading about why YOU like them too.

raccooniecat raccooniecat
51-55, F
Sep 2, 2012