The History Channel Has Some Of The Best Shows!

Documentaries conjure up for some people boring school subjects. Well for me it gives me incredible information that I missed in school.

My World History teacher in high school was boring! So therefore the material was boring.

Give information that interesting sound with pictures and wow is it amazingly interesting!

I like biographies, war documentaries, or historical figures.

Some of my favorites? Founding Fathers, The Civil War, The Universe, anything on A&E Biography (watching Caligula right now), daVinci and Nostradamus, just all some great information and very entertaining!

I actually have learned more by watching these than I did in high school!
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I have to agree with you. I also enjoy the, "Travel Channel".
The, "How the States got their shapes", and, "The History of Mankind".

Did read the book, "Sex At Dawn". Something for you to consider given the whole idea of Wife Sharing presented here on E.P. . It does explain some basic root thoughts around the topic. Some history that fills in blank spots with educational information.

If you really are, "kindacurious", this may be some thoughts for you to ponder.

Some of the information made me think.. "Oh!! I get it!! WOW!! insight!!"

Like, why does it take a woman longer to become stirred.. and a man much, much, to quick?? Then, he does not last near long enough?" There is a reasonable explanation.

Just thoughts..

Thank you never heard of the book. I do love the show how the states got their shapes a good one. The history of mankind I have never seen. I will have to check out the book!

I bought , "Sex at Dawn", at Barnes and Nobles. You can google the book and learn more. The website does share portions.. It did provide some eye opening insights. I was amazed.. easy read. Insights I have never considered. Yet, makes sense, (at least to me). Does answer that big question, (women slow, men quick), Why??? Hope you consider exploring. I liked it. It's food for thought if nothing else. Hope you read and share your thoughts.. Would love the exchange.

I definitely agree with what you said about learning more through documentaries then in high school.

Isn't it funny how in high school history seemed so boring? And now, I cannot get enough of history I think it is fascinating. I think it is the way it is presented and the narrators are great!

I love history. Almost as much as my love for science and math. I listen to audio CD's during my daily commute in addition to reading and I often listen to factual biographys when I can find them.

I love listening to audio (well because I love radio so much! as I listen to Suspense right now) It gives your mind so much more. History is great and so are classic novels as well!

Absolutely. We have talked about the classics before and 30's and 40's era big band music. Love it....