$exy Baby

I just watched this documentary. Its about how females are effected by the $exual images & thoughts that dominate our society. Its very informative. The documentary follows 3 different females for 2 years. Its more like a reality show where there isn't a narrator asking questions. The participants show us the viewers how they are living their lives and how the $exua.lization of society has effected them even if they don't even realize it.

One female in her early twenties felt less feminine because her lab-ia didn't look like those she had seen on p*rn stars and she felt less desirable because of it. She thought men watched p*rn & compared her geni.tals to the women that choose this as their profession. This woman who works as an elementary school teacher had saved up for several years to have lab-iaplasty. I had never heard of the procedure & until I had looked it up online wasn't sure exactly was removed. Her doctor said no one needs the surgery but if she was uncomfortable with her geni.tals as they were, she was a good candidate. She had poor self esteem because her lab-ia didn't look like other women. Talk about wanting to conform.

One female was 12 going on 14. She lived in NYC with her family. She has 3 sisters & in the early part of the documentary, her 4 year old sister did a $exual type dance she had seen on a Britney Spears video, her mother told her not to do 'that kind' of dancing, she just giggled. The 12 year old is aware of strong smart woman in our society like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and wants to have a positive effect on others in the same way, yet she dresses very provocatively and emulates the pop culture performers like Lady Gaga. She doesn't realize how she is viewed by others. Her father tried to explain to her the impressions that you see other men having toward her and she is oblivious because she thinks she can follow the fashion crowd now and only later in life have to live that way.

One female is a former p*rn star who eventually has a baby with her husband. She explained the differences between what she called sport $ex and making l*ve. Here she is the woman that the other two participants are trying to emulate (yes, also the 12 yr old because the pop performers are too emulating p*rn type behavior). She says it right, p*rn has become mainstream. Other women are trying to be her while she is just trying to be like them.

What I got from watching these females as well as the other female and males showcased in the documentary is that no one is happy with who there are as they are, they want to constantly improve themselves so others will accept them and approve of their existence. I don't understand why this is necessary. Do others have to accept us in order to be worthy humans? I suppose, otherwise life is a very lonely existence. I just don't know why $ex is necessary? Why do women have to behave in $exual ways to be approved by men?

These are the kinds of questions that don't have answers. This documentary poses the questions and others, but doesn't provide the answers, it is you the viewer that makes those determinations for yourself.
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Hey! I watched that documentary a few days ago too. It was alright, not informative.. more of. A show and tell. But it was nice.

It was interesting to see it from these woman's point of view. You didn't think it was informative, hmmm ... yes, it was similar to a reality type programming, unscripted and unnarrated.

Hmm sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!!

You're welcome justlana.