A Great Documentary...

If anyone could suggest a great documentary to watch that'd be great, maybe something inspiring/motivational.
I don't mind what mood it sets, i can handle my emotions.
One of my favorite docs to watch would be 'The Cove', really enlightening stuff.
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Sorry I was thinking different documentary when you mentioned The Cove. So forget about The House We Live In. It's a different category. I would recommend Coconut Revolution and Garbage Worrier although they are more to do with environment- self sustainable culture. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a good documentary too!

The house we live in, recommend it!

Watch "into the abyss" it's on Netflix. It's about all perspectives from the people who had a part in a murder. Including the young man who is given the death penalty. You feel for everyone.

My god that documentary was thought provoking!
I really felt for the woman who had lost her entire family to that guy, i lost all respect for her though when she said "i think some people just deserve to die", pffft what a joke....
And capital punishment is a crime AGAINST HUMANITY!

Brother's Keeper. It's a documentary. Currently on Netflix.

Born Rich on Hulu. It changed my perspective...I still can't decide if it was for better or for worse. Bully didn't have as much emotional impact on me as I suspected it would.

Thanks pal i'll watch it asap and if you're American you should watch a Micheal Moore film. Seriously.

<p>I haven't seen the Cove but have heard it mentioned as something powerful. Can't remember why! I want to say a dolphin slaughter but I hope not. If so, I'm afraid I am a coward and will never see it. A good doc? Let me think: I'm drawing a blank right now. What good is this comment?!! I'm sorry. : (</P>

I was also afraid to watch it at first but then i said to myself "those poor dolphins, they deserve to have their stories told, if i was a dolphin caught up in the atrocities i would want everyone to know about it".
Also it won an Oscar, have you ever heard of a documentary winning an Oscar?!