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I'm not familiar with Robert H. Lieberman's work but this documentary titled, "They Call it Myanmar: Lifting the Curtain", was very informative and not so "in your face". I particularly like films about SE countries because of how Buddhism is entrenched in their lives. This is the country where Aung Suu Kyi is from. She was detained for 15 years in house arrest by her government for being supposedly being a threat to stability and peace in her country. The efforts of Aung San Suu Kyi are shown in an interview. She cannot take the Burmese militaric government on her own but she's definitely made an impact along with the Buddhist monks with the use of their peaceful protesting. I really hate politics but it's something I can't seem to avoid.

There was alot of great footage captured but some of the narration style gave off an air of "uppityness". Maybe the tone would have been set better with a better choice of words. There were parts shown with the Burmese people telling the camera guy he wasn't allowed to film and the camera guy was questioning why which I thought was pretty dumb. Personally, if I were in a foreign country I'd just do what they say in order to avoid any problems like um... getting tortured and/or arrested which probably happens all the time.

The gap between the rich and poor always seems to be widening when a middle class doesn't exist. Being able to eat twice a day is considered being well off. A poor person's typical day is selling off some household items to get bus fare so he or she can get to work and then, buy the same items back at the end of the day with the earned wages. Many families can't afford to send their children to school so they work. There is a young boy shown hammering sheets of gold to be sold to temple visitors. I think the boy spends at least 8 hours pounding one sheet of gold. People buy these sheets and place it on a statue of Buddha and meditate or pray. Some statues have grown immensely, completely covered with these gold sheets, and are thousands of years old. Buddhism is a huge part of the Burmese lives. The everyday people look poor and pitiful but there is peace in their eyes. I really admire that.
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Seems to be an interesting programme.

Thnks for reading. It's on Netflix.

Thanks for this review story. Yes, we Myanmar are generally peace in mind. Thanks.

Wow. You're 100%. =)