cos they are the best things to watch lool
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Horror movies!! Try them :)

i watched insidious, have you seen it?

Yep.. Though it didnt fascinate me much cuz its kind of like exorcist and amityville..

U shud watch the descent or wolf creek :))) thriller movies rock too! :)

oh my days i was terrified to watch those movies ill watch them with a friend later on in the month whats your favourite horror movie?

Those r some of my favs! And zombie movies :)))

did you like zombie land?

Kind of lol i want serious zombie movies lol like i am legend and world war z!! Those r just so awesome!! Also rec/quarantine

i am legend was so scary :O

Its awesome too right? :)))

yeah i saw that there were two endings am i correct?

Yep! I prefer the ending with smith still alive.. Though i really want the dog to live too :(

that scene mad me cry :(

Yea :(((( y do they hav to kill him :(((

i dunno but it hit me right in the feels

Yea :(

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Hell ya

what documentaries do you watch?? :D

Mostly everything, I stay away from WW2 stuff. Last one I watch was Bottled Life

same i dont watch the war stuff when i should im doing a history exam on it but the last one i watched was shark attack