"overnight" = Interesting Doc For Boondock Saints Fans

I've always been a fan of new writer / directors that are able to blast onto the creative scene with a brash talent I can "feel" when watching the work.... and my constant interest in looking into the "making" of good art has led me to view a telling (and not surprising) behind the scenes documentary about the film-maker who created and directed the original Boondock Saints - as well as the current sequel (which I'm dying to see, but it's not screening in Texas - Ugh!!!!). I'm also a psychologist, so I love watching the human story behind the story, as it were.... "Overnight" tells that story of Troy Duffy (writer/director of Boondock Saints) and his meteoric rise and fall in film making.... though I am so very hopeful that his current phoenix-style-rise (from the ashes) with Boondock Saints II, brings his gifts once more to the public.

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3 Responses Nov 7, 2009

Have you ever seen 'The Cutting Edge'? It's about editors in film making. It is one of the best documentaries ever made. It highlights how an editor is one of the most important creative crew members in making a film. I've always wanted to be an editor. I enjoy both film and music editing. Anyhow it shows the industry from the inside out. You may enjoy it.

It is already out in theaters, just not in my state - damnit!!!!

i am anxiously awaiting boondock saints II the first one was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!