Frozen To Death

yesterday i saw this  documentary about  people who sport or hobby  is to climb mountains in the know like mount Everest.anyways, this man and his wife were climbing this mountain only  for the day,  bc they were planning  on going back home later that evening, suddenly a blizzard hit and so they became lost. they struggle to find their way back  but to no avail ,they were  so cold and shivering ,suddenly his wife stop shivering and she froze to death,it was very sad.

this other man lost 9 fingers to hypothermia, his finger were all black and swollen, i don't know if they were painful but they sure looked it.

this other man got both of his foot cut off,oooft!x

  facts:shivering is the body mechanism to release heat so it  could  stay warm: when this mechanism is damage by hypothermia the person dies.SCARY!!!

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1 Response Dec 14, 2009

The mountain tops are very beautiful but the weather can be trecherous and it can kill the black fingers are frostbite and the tissue is dead (no feeling) tip 70 % of the bodies temprature is lost through the top of our heads (Guys wear a hat) food that is ready to eat such as sugar snacks give the blood sugar which is turned into heat by the body.If you are lost in the mountains and can find a steam drop a leaf into it and follow it as water flows down hill but our logic is often upset when under extreme anxiety so remember the leaf because sooner or later you will come out to civilization