Anything Other Than Network.

I would  much rather spend my time watching PBS or the Indy Film Channel these days than network TV.  I like documentaries about anything interesting, but lately I have been watching ones on the food wars.  Has anyone seen Food,Inc?  It is eye opening (or should I say mouth closing :-)

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Hi RB,<br />
I have been to I watched a short clip on siftables - a new type of computing building block. I love that site ;-)

Make sure you check out - that is, if you haven't already.

Hi sugarnspice,<br />
GREAT idea to get documentaries from the library. Never crossed my mind, but makes so much sense. I love History Channel, Food Network, Discovery, and HGTV. Guy from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is great. His hair alone makes me smile, LOL. I haven't seen King Corn, but I have heard about it. It will be next on my list. It's a very interesting topic. Thanks for the welcome to EP. It is beginning to feel like home :-)

I LOVE watching documentaries, especially PBS:-) My hubby and I go to our public library and take out as many as we can. We honestly don't watch network TV either anymore because we are so interested in our documentaries or TV shows that we have taken out of the library. Our main stations are; Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, History Channel, The Food Network and last but not least PBS. I also LOVE any kind of food show, just took out Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, gotta love Guy, lol. I will have to check out Food Inc., sounds interesting. Have you seen a documentary called King Corn, very interesting.<br />
Glad to see you on EP and welcome:-) Xo~sugar~Xo


Hi Dreamvoyeur,<br />
Unfortunately you will not find Food,Inc on the food network. It is a documentary about how they genetically engineer food these days so it is nothing close to what our grandparents used to eat. They pump it full of God know's what! btw - I love Emeril too ;-)