Interested In Polygamy

i have been reading and watching shows and docos on the subject of polygamy and find it facinating in  the religion and on a perssonal aspect and would love to learn more about it and find people interested in it as well. i find myslef getting turned on by the idea and would be interested in speaking to people that find the idea of polygamy interesting i would love to surve a guy and have that my main goal in life to make my husband the top priority.

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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

I would love to have multiple women serve me and me take care of them. However, the aspect of traditional polygamy I don't like is how it is so one sided - the men have all the options and the women have none. That is why egalitarian open relationships are better - both people have access to sex, education, power and money. <br />
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And happy, unopressed women with options have more *******.<br />
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But I'd love to have a girl serve me. Let's talk.

Them damn monogamous people can be so rude! lol