I Like To Watch Hbo Documentaries

especially Dr.Michael Baden a forensic pathologist he is a very interesting man he just made a documentary on some of his most famous cases he was  a part of and it was amazing at some of the details and things that go on in forensics. Call me crazy but I loved that that show it was intriguing also James Gandolfini he did a show on Iraqi war veterans and showed their disablilities and post trauma stress disorder that was also very touching to see what can happen after the war and what permanent physical and mental scars can take place for life.  My uncle was a veterean and was in the Vietnam war he was diagnosed with PTSD he killed himself about 7 years ago a gunshot to the head that just shows you what can happen.  I have conflicted feelings about war ever since 9/11 I know the importance of fighting back we have to stand for our country and I have lost friends in that and also live in an area that was heavily hit by that. I guess we all must somehow do what we do and get through life this is what is expected of us and we must somehow or eventually accept and understand.  Dee

Bella70 Bella70
41-45, F
Mar 4, 2010