New Year Baby

 I saw this one not to long ago, and am thinking about buying a copy of it, for it is really good. New Year Baby deals with a family were a secret comes out that changes their life in  such a way that I just had to watch the documentary through to the end along with all of the extras.

 Imagine being in your 20s and being told that the people you thought were your sisters were really your cousins, and then trying to find out the history of your family.

 Part of this film had me laughing and other parts had me near tears. As much as I want to get into the film, I really don't want to spoil it from anybody. I will say that if you have interest in what aftermath of the people of Vietnam after that war, then this is a much need to see film. Either way, this is a very compelling story of a family that will move you.

RedDwarf RedDwarf
51-55, M
Apr 1, 2010