Grey Gardens

I am a documenatary nut....I love'm love'm love'm.   I am not good with rememberiing titles so bare with me.  My latest documentary was Gray Gardens.  It was bizarre and intrigueing....  It was about Jackie O's Aunt and cousin who live in the Hamptons in a house that is deteriating.  They have tons of cats, babble all day about the past and live in utter mess.  What is so sad is they were at one time "with it" and had a wonderful home, clothing and status and as time went on all things changed (dramatically).  Just loved the film.  I watched all the extras at the end.  I also loved "The Devils  playground" was a documentary about Amish teens.  It discussed/showed the period in which all amish children who reach a certain age are released to the world to decide whether or not they want to go back and live within thier religiion or to be out in the world and become "outcasts" or shunned.  It also showed the issues thier children are having with partying, drugs, sex,etc...their children face the same things normal society children face, it was a real interesting film.  I could keep going, but I can't remember titles so I will come back.

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great doc..My sister and I obsessed with it.

I've seen both the movie and the doc. The movie gives more of the back story. I always refer to my "costume for the day" after seeing that movie. There's also a second documentary. Haven't seen it yet. <br />
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"And I'll awake and start to bake a sugar cake for you to take for all the boys to seeeeeee...."

Yes HBO did and I have heard about it. I heard it was good...I believe the movie goes into more details about how the mother controlled her daughter and convinced her to leave her growing career in New York to come home and take care of her, then their mental stability spirals down together.....I am also planning on renting the movie to see how well it relates to the doc.

I've always wanted to see Grey Gardens- side note- I think HBO made it into a movie w/ Drew Barrymore? I've never seen that either. It would be interesting to watch the doc and then the movie.

Yes, I agree. It gives us an insight at how delicate life can be with the balance and how easy it is to fall off balance (if that makes sense). I have one coming in the mail that is a courtcase of three murdered boys. I don't have the details but its something about justice going wrong. I will let you all know how it was. right now I have a documentary titled "God Grew Tired of Us". about refugees. I will let you alll know about that also.

I haven't seen either of these docos, but I too enjoy the ones that show us how others live. They help us understand the differences in all of us a little better, and, hopefully, increase our tolerance of those differences.

I really enjoyed "The Devil's Playground"