The Cute Little Show

I loved this show. I couldn't say my fave. character. I love how dependednt Bloo is on, EVERYONE. I love how sweet Ed is. I love how spunky Frankie is. How kind Wilt is. And how crazy looking and crazy sounding Coco is. I actually remember some other really crazy faces as well. Like... IT'S BERRY! That cute little psycho friend that fell head over heels in love with Bloo. It's just too bad that Bloo could never get Mary? Cherry? No, Heather's name right. LoL

Who could forget... Goo?! That crazy talkative little girl who loves to talk up a friend. Her imagination is unblieveable, and somewhat annoying to the inhabitants of the house.

That rotten little brat who had the obsessive attatchment to Bloo. And who strangely kept calling him, Tiffany.

Dutchess-The rotten drama diva of the house. Plus, the ugliest friend, in my opinion.

MusicalLover MusicalLover
18-21, F
Sep 29, 2009