Madeline Mccann Here With Us But U Don't See Because Shes A Ghost

Hi I'm Psychic

Why because I see MADELINE MCCANN she my ghost sometimes I get scared when I see her fully aberration Right front of me she always there with u but u can't see her because she is GHOST why I saw her & I'm a paranormal psychic because she talks to me what happened to her sometime I get ghost dreams about her no I'm not lying she dose visited me if she needs help well she did I really 100% see ghost in my life Not joking or playing games I do see her because shes not alive she dead that's what she told me in my dreams & she's know who kill her she's telling me who kill her she say her parents did she dose not why she say her Parents grab her that's why she have 2 abused marks around her neck they drowning her in the swimming pool she dose not know why they did that to her now they are lying in the news people because there are Afraid because they kill There own kid this was in my dreams I'm not sure what's real any more all I'm saying she here watching u shes lost she confused why her parents do this to her I'm telling truth what she saying I never met her before only my dreams even her ghost she wants to be found but it not time to cross over the light yet when u find her she will leave but it's not time for her go....truth story Madeline here with us .
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

Everything you said is within the realm of possibility. Fear not.

wow.<br />
I think poor Madeline is wanting you to help her somehow.

wow, I would very much like to see the photo.