I Beleve

I beleve in ghost hunters i my self had a encounter with a sperit but mine was a very bad one the apt whear i live at has a bad sperit it will torment my grand babys it would not let them sleep an i even got a pix of it an it looks like a bull my husbond who is a native american could make it go away for awhile but April of last year he past away an we gave him a native american funriel and the shamen told me that he can not  pass over till he takes cair of  what is trying to hurt his familey it is avery stong deamon an my husbond is strong an determon an he wont give up till he has mad it safe for us and i beleve in him an i know he will allways proteck us some call me crazy but those who know me an my familey beleve for they to have encounter things as well i am makeing plans to move becouse its to hard on my grand babys and its gettin hard on me as well 

blunt2011 blunt2011
46-50, F
Mar 3, 2010