I Just Love It

I love Grey's Anatomy. It's my favorite favorite TV show, and I hate watching TV. I used to watch hours of it, but now I can hardly sit and stand to do it. However, my one night of exception is on thursday.
    My favorite episode was the one when Meredith and McDreamy had to put down their shared dog. I am an animal lover at heart and that just about killed me. I cried and cried over that poor dog! And then to top it off, Denny died! I was devastated. But, the episode was awesome.
    Right now I hate Izzy, she is being a ***** to George and Callie! I think Callie is soooo pretty. And I'm so glad that she is with George... now if only Izzy could find someone so she would get off George's case...
    Oh, I want Alex and Addison to hook up so bad!!!!!
BlondieTwinTwo BlondieTwinTwo
18-21, F
Mar 9, 2007