The Orignal Movies

At first the movies were really good, as good as anything Hollywood could put out but they have evolved. Better and touching.

Am watching the movie Taking Chance right now. For those who may have not seen it, A marine is killed in action and the officer that takes him home as his witness/escort.

The story is touching about remembering the life of the marine and the people he touches even in death.

For me the part that brings a tear is he gets to his last airport before driving home. As he is being brought home in the Hurst there is a line of cars with a tractor trailer in the front with their lights on as a funeral procession for the marine.

For those who serve or have someone in the armed forces it is a touching movie.

Watch it if you can...

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2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

It is a good movie to watch.... Kevin Bacon does a great job in it...

that does sound like a touching movie!!!