Not Happy

Im not happy with where the new story line is going. Its similiar to the direction the "4400" was going when it was canceled. And the same main families are mostly getting the t.v. time, and whats going on with Micah and his cousin the muscle mimic? I do have a feeling that the "rebel" who texts claire might be Micah but then again it might not be

SukYoung SukYoung
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1 Response Mar 1, 2009

I really liked the fugitives storyline. What's 4400?

4400 was a tv on the scifi channel - basically 4400 people are abducted from various points in time like one dude was taken during the Korean War, Another girl was taken during 1930 etcc... then they are all brought back to present day- and none of them have aged a day since they were taken and have no memory where they have been. But later on you find out each of them has an "ability" like in Heros - one person is a telepath - one can see the future - one can heal people etc.... But then they started the Fugitve storyline... and then the show was pretty much cancelled after that......same thing for Heroes

Thanks. Is it worth watching?