Where Are All The 'ancient Aliens' Fans?

This show is long overdue!   I was always infuriated when taught the ancient builders did not have the wheel or the pulley!   Come on, that is the most
absurd idea I have ever heard!   How can academia present such a concept?   

What say you?
zachbri5 zachbri5
3 Responses May 8, 2012

I was never taught that ancient civilizations didn't have the wheel or pulleys. But I have always wondered if Dragons were in fact alien ships. If you think about it, steel or whatever metal the ship may be built out of won't be penetrated by ancient weapons. Hell even some of our current weapons can't penetrate steel. And maybe the belching of fire is them using THEIR weapons upon us. It kind of makes sense.

I love this show!

I love ancient aliens!