Hugh Laurie?

Why is everybody falling for Hugh Laurie? (if there is Jesse Spencer haha)

nah... It is really fun to watch and it makes school seam meaningful.. at least biology classes.. we've learned a lot of the stuff he's talking about all the time and that's just fun.. and it's not as love-orientated as Grey's anatomy..
it's a bit too much drama for me (Grey's anatomy)

I love House' black humor. It's just so much fun :)
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2 Responses Feb 2, 2008

i think it's great that you are learning this stuff in biology class, i wish i had this in my day when I was taking biology. maybe i would have learned something LOL

i also watch "house". every week and even the reruns. I like his demeanor. his bedside mannor. the way he keeps doing his taunting with cuddy. he's just a good doctor, seems to know how to figure out what's wrong with people. my husband says that he would like for his doctor to be like house. and so would I. he really spends time with his patients. unlike real doctors in real life. maybe the doctors should take another course in bedside manor.