And Hugh Laurie Is Sexy.

I love Hugh Laurie, which is the main reason that I watch the show.  It's a little bit too graphic for my taste (but my stomach turns at the sight of a tiny drop of my own blood, so I'm a wuss), but I enjoy his character so much.  He's a very good actor.  Watch his early work like the series Jeeves & Wooster or Black Adder (seasons 2-4, I think) for a total 180 from his character on House.  Hysterical.  He's also good in a lot of classic Brit movies like the 4 hour version of Pride & Prejudice with Jennifer Ehle (who just won a Tony award on Sunday!) and Colin Firth (who is just downright gorgeous). [Edit - My bad, he was in Sense & Sensibility with Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson & Kate Winslet... NOT Pride & Prejudice.]

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Hugh Laurie, is such a great actor, that I did not know that he was British. He acted famously as Dr. House and then I saw him in "Sense and Sensibility: and realized that he is British. Wonderful actor indeed.

I saw Hugh Laurie interviewed on TV a while back. What a difference between him and how he acts as House. He's awesome.

Oh poo. You're right. I always mix up those Austen movies.

I agree that Hugh Laurie is great, but... he didn't play in Pride and Prejudice- it was Sense and Sensibility with Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant and Kate Winslet. That character was just hilarious. :DDD

I don't know... there are some pretty sexy Brits who wouldn't be sexy if they weren't British.

Strangeone! If you would make your album I would say whether you`re sexi or not! :P

I love Hugh Laurie, too.<br />
And he IS sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
BTW not all British men are sexy...

Lol. Sexy, eh? Yes, I'm just mentally playing that fantasy of him gimping over to the bed. Oh, yea, baby. :P :)<br />
<br />
Sorry, I'm silly. --Anyway, I surprised to see he had as much range as Rowen Atkinson does (or did... why is he doing purile movies like Mr. Bean's Holiday?) He can play smart as well as stupid. Goofy funny and cynically dead serious. <br />
<br />
Jeeves and Wooster's a great series. Based on the J & W books by P.G. Wodehouse which are also a fun read.

Big House fan here! I've seem Laurie on talk shows and he's priceless also was great at the Emmy's. Dry wit, I love it.<br />
And big Colin Firth fan also. His stumbling shy attitude is just heart warming.

I am squeemish about the blood too. I turn my head every times there is anything involving blood, needles, or a scalpel going on.