Wow, now this is really thrilling! I love House. I'm grinning over it being an experience to join here. Now I feel like I'm among like minded people for sure, haa. 

I really love that the hero Dr House is a difficult grouchy person who just insists on being himself and even with all the ups and downs and objections to his personality the people around him have, he triumphs and is respected and not abandoned by his friends and coworkers.

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House is a great show and Hugh Laurie is amazing. (His boss is quite stunning in an unorthodox sort of way.) What I find fascinating about the character is that on one hand he is a genius but on the other he is emotionally crippled and manifests the social maturity of a second-grader. A much more complex figure than what one usually gets on TV.

loooove "house"!! can't wait for the new season to begin!

i love hugh laurie! dr. house...while grouchy and sarcastic, is still loveable. (or at least to me)<br />
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he is hilarious.

I love the show also, now he is someone you could have a field day trying to figure out.I couldn't see anyone other than Hugh Laurie doing that part. have you ever seen him on a talk show? PROPER BRITTISH. he's a hoot