House Rules

I've been watching House since the first season. It's such a great show. I enjoy it especially because, being in the medical field, I know what's going on with the patients and I like to try to come up with differential diagnoses.. sometimes they at least mention some of the ones I come up with, but it usually turns out to be something completely different because there's always some twist.

I wonder what they're going to do for next season. I mean, everyone quit! Is he going to get all new trainees? Chase, Foreman, and Cameron were getting tiresome anyway, it'll be nice to have some new faces. The only character that really matters anyway is House himself.
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2007

Well, either way they do it, I will still watch it probably. If those three stay, great.. but if they get some fresh new faces, even better I think. I agree with you that they should focus on the medical mysteries.

Aww, no! Chase, Cameron and Foreman should stay! I think they are slated for the fourth season anyway. There's always new drama they could come up with for those three. They just need to concentrate back on the medical mysteries IMO... that's what originally got me interested, that's what I'd keep going back for... maybe one of these times, IT MIGHT BE LUPUS!!!