Air Duster Girl....

I have watched a million episodes of Intervention over the past few years. It was one of my favorite shows. I am a total A&E freak's like the only channel I watch. I have seen lots of different addictions on that show. There is one that will stick with me forever. Her name was Allison and she was addicted to air duster. She let this addiction ruin her life. It was crazy the way she went into a store and bought a case of duster at a time. She would get into her car and pop open that first bottle like a crack head trying to get their first hit. She would inhale so much duster that she looked like she was going to pass out...but instead she made comments like..."I feel like I could conquer the world" or "I feel like I'm walking on sunshine",
Her mind was completly warped. This addiction caused her to drop out of college. She was in her junior year when she said a bf introduced her to this method of getting high. She claimed that she was addicted after her first "hit". I remember the part where she told intervention that she did not care if getting behind the wheel high risked the lives of others....she needed more air duster. She was serious too. I wonder how Allison is now. You should check her out on's crazy!

CarrieBeth CarrieBeth
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1 Response Jun 14, 2010

i watched the same episode. i was bad on duster for a while. not nearly as bad as allison but did it a lot. it would make me pass out and i would dream. thats why i loved it. i can't say i was addicted but i really did like it.<br />
i didn't realize the dangers of it. the very last time i did it. i brought the can to my lips took a big rip and went into space. i opened my eyes and could see a shadow of a being. he said i can't visit them anymore. i can't take another step in this world. if i was to i wouldn't come back to mine. as obscured as that sounds it worked. i haven't don duster again and that was 6 years ago. <br />
as i was watching this i was wondering to myself about what was going through her mind. how she stop the whole development of her brain. reversed it into a naive little kid. i was very lucky that i have a strong mind. as i continue to do so on say "drugs" (ex. dmt, salvia, marijuana, etc.) i find myself wondering about ever more. expanding my brain. being able to comprehend things at a faster rate.