.... Since the First Episode.

The first time I watched Intervention was the first episode that was ever aired.  It was funny because I got my best friend baked for her first time.  We came into my bedroom and put on the TV and it was on and the girl said "it all started when I was smoking pot with my friend".  

My friend looked at me like she was about to die.  Hahaha.  I can look back and laugh now because neither of us ended up addicted to meth or stealing pain killer's from out parent's like the girl on the show.  

I have seen Almost every episode... one of my favorite people was Tamra.  I also like the girl who auditioned for American idol.  The saddest one I think was the mother who drank mouth-wash to get drunk.  

Lately I found that almost every episode has an Alcoholic on it... Which is fine, but it's kind of getting old.  

I guess we probably all like the episodes with people on it that remind us of ourselves.  That way we can look at them and feel better about ourselves.  (i say this with sarcasm but with a bit of truth as well).  

To be honest I like the people who remind me of ourselves because a lot of day's I want to be them.  I know you must think I'm stupid to wish for such a life, but there is something luring to be about addiction, drug's, anorexia, etc.  

Either way, I guess I am a lot like them. Sometimes when I watch it I feel like I'm taking a look in the mirror.  

I think it's a good show.  Good awareness, good facts, good good good. 

annalea annalea
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1 Response Mar 13, 2009

The difference between some of those caught in the downward spiral of addiction and those not caught up is a razor thin line.<br />
I understand empathy for those individuals (although a few I have felt more disdain than empathy) however, if the lifestyle of an addict is enticing for you, then I would suggest that you please get some help to keep you sane and growing instead of diving in the the dizzying and desperate world of addiction.