I Am Addicted to "Life On Mars"

My friends have all been sharing about different TV shows that they watch and love.  So now I am going to chime in.

I am not much of a TV watcher, but I love this series (the BBC and the new series on ABC).  I love the new series because it is set in 1973, which is the time period I grew up in.  The music was my first draw - yeah I am one of those 60's and 70's classic rock fans!  I also like seeing NY again during that time period.   I used to spend every summer in the Bronx with my grandparents from 1965 - 1977.  I guess watching the show is a bit nostalgic for me.

I am also a huge fan of Harvey Kietel's work!

childoftheland childoftheland
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3 Responses Mar 18, 2009

If you are a 60's 70's fan, then you will love this one!! I recommend HIGHLY.

i also like anything 60-70 ish thanks for sharing!

I love that show! Next week is the season finale.I heard it was cancelled? I hope that's false. Last night's preview was awesome. I also like the 70's. Notice the hair styles and clothes...music was so good to listen to.Funny how they remind us of what wasn't around. Computers..ouch...need one and how did we manage then?.