I Love This Tv Show!

This televison show was the first show that I've tried to watch every single episode of.  Before LOST, I didn't care much about TV at all.  I'd watch whatever anyone else in my family was watching...

I remember, at the beginning of the first season, I wasn't watching since the pilot because, since I didn't watch TV, I didn't know about it then.  And at first I started watching it because of Dominic Monaghan (and his excellent role as Merry in LotR), and then I got hooked and now I am not going to stop watching it until its over (because I have to know what's going to happen next, and whether they will be rescued, and how everything will work out!).

Oh and I LOVE flashbacks.  They have made it easier to connect with all the characters and harder to choose which character is my favourite.  Though at the moment, I love Jack, Kate, Charlie (sniff), and Claire, and Aaron and... ok, I'll stop now.

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3 Responses Jul 5, 2007

I got hooked in exactly the same way. I'm not a TV watcher, but Lost always has my butt glued in front of the tube!

love,love,love,love,love this show!!!!! i have watched it since minute one. it is the best. nothing gets in the way of my wednesday nights. lol . i love all the characters but sawyer just has those eyes ya know.....

I dream of 2010 when the full set of DVD's will be released with every episode, I'll lose whole days to LOST if I'm not carefull.