"I'll Prove You're the Father!"

I started wathing this show when I was a kid getting ready for school in the mornings. The shows used to be a bit different then, but I think they're more entertianing now. Whenever an episode with trannies came on, I would always get my mom to watch, and we would guess whether they were a man or a woman. Fun times.

Mostly now it's lie detector tests and paternity tests. I prefer the paternity tests, much more drama involved. I know there's one girl that comes on every so often looking for her baby's daddy, and she slept with over 100 men. It's like, wtf?

The women are all a random percentage of positive that the man they're testing is the father of their baby. "I didn't sleep with anybody else! This is his baby!" Then when Maury says, "You are NOT the father!" the woman always runs backstage screaming. "IT CAN'T BE! IT JUST CAN'T BE!" That's great stuff to watch right there.

So far, my favourite paternity test was this woman who had twins, and each ended up having a different father. Crazy stuff.

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4 Responses Mar 12, 2009

What about when they are AFRAID of stuff.....like PICKLES.......CLOWNS.......MUSTARD......Those shows are Funny As Hell!!!!!

I love the show! Watch it every day, and I get mad if it is a show not about paternity! LOL!

Yeah, I never take that stuff too seriously. But it's still fun. And yeah, they did have different fathers. One twin was white, the other was half Latino I believe. It's verrrry rare for that to happen.

I agree it is very entertaining! I took a job as a live in caretaker for a 72 year old man and I even have him watching it. It is strangly addictive lol. Hey when your heads always going 100mpm it is refreshing to just sit back and have an hour or 2 of plain entertainment.