This Is My Favorite Show

I think this is one of the greatest shows on TV.  I love the actors, the characters, the stories, the humor.  Just about everything about it.  I'm so glad it's coming back next year.  Anyone else love this show?
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6 Responses Jun 13, 2007

I haven't seen the spoof on MadTV. Rines? They should do a children's spin off show for the daughters.

Why in the bloody hell did they take it off this year? Oh we don't want those silly ratings we're idiots!

I absolutely love it. Especially now that their daughters are getting the psychic powers. <br />
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It's Brill

Me, me, me, Medium! I like it. And I agree. One of the best things on television!

"Medium" is a really good show. I like the premise. The Arquette family in general.<br />
Have you ever seen the spoof of it on Mad TV?

yes, love medium, ghost whisper and there is a new one rines thats good.