Hardly Medium In Quality!

Before I started watching, I would have scoffed at the idea of this show. A frumpy housewife who is a psychic and spends her days using her psychic powers to help solve cases via her work at the District Attorney's Office? With an identical premise each week - Allison is slowly revealed enough detail through her dreams to crack the case? Oh, please. NEXT!

However, if I'd never given it a shot, I would have never discovered what this show really is. And that's one of the greatest examples of the craft of episodic television. Nothing else that I've seen on the television is so dedicated to doing the fundamental elements of episodic television so well.

The best way to describe is that Medium is an exponent of the art of storytelling. Every episode is dedicated to telling the story well, and this is what makes it so entertaining and fresh. Most television shows these days are about Making Important Or Dramatic Television. Not Medium, here is nothing but good ol' fashioned storytelling.

It's also true that the show explores some important themes and features some lovely character studies. The show isn't loud about this, doesn't trumpet its sophistication. Instead everything is remarkably understated, as are the consistently excellent performances of the regulars.

The other highly remarkable thing about this show is its depiction of family. Most shows with a focus on family make a lot of noise about things, or exaggerate things, or over idealise things. Medium presents what can only be described as an ideal that is wholly realistic, and yet one of the most positive family models that I have seen on television. For that alone, the show is greatly refreshing and a little inspiring.

If anyone who loves the art of television, rather purely entertainment driven television, this is a show well worth checking out, and staying with for a few episodes to appreciate the subtlety that the writers, cast and crew bring to this show.
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When I first noticed the show, I didn't want to watch it either. I was watching the Tony Danza show where he interviewed the real Allison DuBois and that the show 'Medium' was inspired by her and her gifts. After watching that interview, I watched a couple episodes of 'Medium' when it would come on Monday nights and I fell in love with the show. I love stories *even shows like this one* that is based on a true event or person so in this case, based on a true person. Even though the show is inspired by Allison DuBouis, not all cases are cases that the real Allison have delt with which is cool though. Also, in the show, most of her learnings comes from dreams, the real Allison doesn't get most of her connections while sleeping. I think it's fascinating that they keep coming up with great storylines that never actually happened but respects the privacy of the real Allison and keep the audience wanting more! I can't wait for season 5 to come out!!

you've inspired me ... i generally laugh these 'themes' off and don't give it a second thought. i spose i'll have to give it a chance... thanks, dodo!

I have loved this show since its inception. You're right about the portrayal of the family too...very unique and more enjoyable than the usual tv fam.

I watch Medium every chance I get. Things like this have always fascinated me. My mom is well known for her own ghost stories. I know how this sounds but it is what it is...my mom is moderately psychic. She's seen and talked to people who have passed away and she's made MANY predictions that have come to pass. Growing up with her kinda made me want to know more and more about this gift and about the afterlife. So yes...all I had to do was hear about this show and I started watching it every chance I got. I've also read up on who the story is based on. The whole show is based on real life events. So it was interesting to read about the real Allison as well.

I never watched the first few seasons for much the same reason, it seemed overdone, and yet when I started to watch the last season I, like you, was drawn into the storytelling and characterisation, there are a few episodes that stick in my mind. The Jennifer Love-Hewitt show of similar premise was good for nothing more then questioning the reality she lived in and laughing at her flamboyant style, but Medium pulls it off pretty well every time.<br />
Tonight the new season begins here in NZ, and seeing as Heroes has finished (what an average show that was) I suppose I’ll tune into Allison’s life before I get on with writing.