Have Loved Patricia Arquette Ever Since "Ed Wood"

The premise of the show is ludicrous but somehow they pull it off and make it great. Characters you care about.  I do feel badly for the husband, though, poor guy just can't get a decent night's sleep.  I was surprised to learn the actor who plays him is English - great American accent - as good as Hugh Laurie's.
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I freely admit there is more in heaven and earth than in my philosophy, but psychics are, as a rule, charlatans.

What is ludicrous about this show? I think it is quite authentic for psychic experience. I do feel that Joe is seriously sleep deprived as well. I have no idea who Hugh Laurie is supposed to be. Allison too is missing a great deal of sleep. The real Allison did not appear frumpy when she was on Oprah. You do know this show is based on a true story? There are actually people who have psychic experiences. I am one of them. Although, I must admit it is not remotely a fool proof method for discovering the future or the even the past. I think it is like one of those lifelines on who wants to be a millionaire. Occassionally it is just a helpful option with no guarantees that it will help.

Hugh Laurie - amazing. Agreed.

Right ...No one, but no one is as good as Hugh Laurie, love medium also