It Is So Neat to Sit and Watch

During the great Lyrids, Geminids, Perseids  and  Leonids  showers, we go out and sit in the hot tub with a couple of bottles of Presecco and enjoy the show! It's always so beautiful and romantic. Even when it's cold as heck in December!

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It is. It's exciting and a lot of fun!

You're welcome. They are going to love it and it's a great resource right in our back yard! Do you know they even do Space Shuttle Mission Control simulations for the kids there!<br />
It's wonderful! And did you know they have a star conservatory and sometimes do laser light shows? They even have some nights of star gazing where many people bring their telescopes up to FDR and Providence Canyon in Lumpkin. Great viewings and people are great to share with the kids. Dr. Kruzen is fantastic!

The Lyrids meteor shower this year peaks on April 21st and 22nd. Unfortunately, bright moonlight will severely diminish the show.<br />
<br />
The best time to look, no matter where you live, is during the hours before dawn on Tuesday, April 22nd. About 3 to 10 meteors per hour are expected.<br />
loveis4u, The Coca Cola Space Science Center has alot of useful information. The kids will love it! If you guys have never been, you should check it out one rainy Saturday. Selena loves it there!

Damn I need a hot tub. That sounds heavenly, or I should say Spacely. I could go and sit at the local rec center hot tub and look out the window. All the kids running around might be a distraction.

Thought I did ... but it was just the beer ;) I hope it was an open question ...

No, I can't claim to have seen a UFO.

You're lucky to have the view ...

There are! It is so cool to watch it too! Sometimes it's hard to distinguish from all of the space junk at twilight!

The International Space Station will be visible over my city for a week starting on the 18th ... to think there are people in that dot ...

If I could, I'd be there, Blackapple. I'm sure you can still see some pretty good meteor's on the edge of town. It's one of my favorite things to watch. I also love to explore with the telescope. My husband finds things to look at and I go along for the glorious journey!

this sounds fantastic! We live on the edge of town so usually get some light pollution. Still can't think of a better place to watch than a hot tub!

They are awesome. Living in the country as we do, we have a great night view of the sky....................

Ooooohhhhhh I promise, it is! :-)

Ooohhh that sounds so nice!!!