An Evening With the Stars.

We arrived at Greenwich at 6.30 just as the moon was up. Luckily we had clear skies. After watching a planetarium show we went out to talk and chat with some of the astronomers and view various objects. The Pleiades cluster was beautiful as was the Orion Nebula. My Daughter was jumping up and down with anticipation. Time out London were there and we had pictures taken.

The moon was great as was venus an later we got to see Saturn and the moons.

Definitely the highlight of the year so far.

No Meteors though so a bit off topic but really happy!

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Venous is bright from where I stand. The bright moon beside doesn't fade its light. I'm not new to gazing at the sky but I am new to learning all constellations and planets. I love it.

It is totally wondrous to peer into the heavens and see what we see! I almost hyperventilated the first time I saw Saturn.<br />
It is exciting for us and the children! I'm glad you got to see those things and to share your experience and feelings about it! Venus has been bright in the night sky the past few weeks. It's just awesome!