1 Million Viewers Needed For Jake's Closet

Hi,  Can you help us?   Were parents of our son, Lance Lanfear, who is a new independent movie producer and has just produced his first film "Jake's Closet".  Lance is 29 years old and resides in Hollywood, California.   Our goal is to get 1 million visitors to be among the first to see the new trailer.  So if you like to help us get there simple visit:   www.jakesclosetmovie.com   Put your mouse over the images and click away.  Any other form of publicity and/or interviews we could obtain for Lance, would be greatly appreciated.  If only just for you to forward this email to your friends, that would also be of help in reaching our goal.   The writer/director of Jake's Closet is Shelli Ryan and the producer is our son, Lance.  The movie is a perfect depiction of the loss of innocence experienced by children caught between their parents and unconscious ways that parental alienation occurs in families distressed by divorce.   We appreciate your help in spreading the word about the movie, and again to be among the first to view the trailer simply visit: www.jakesclosetmovie.com.   Thanks for your help in attempting to reach 1 million viewers for a subject that should have an potential audience in the millions.   Ray and Judy Lanfear Proud Parents of Lance haveittodayray jakesclosetmovie.com

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Looks good! I hope to hear more and I'll tell as many people as I can. <br />
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We've got to support our indie filmmakers!