My Parents Think I'm Kinda Weird For Watching Mlp!

Now, my family tolerates that I watch it, so really, there's little to complain about compared to other bronies and pegasisters. However, they still think I'm a freak for watching a little kids show! I mean, I started watching it because my big sister was watching it, so I watched it with her, and even SHE thinks I'm a little weird for liking it this much (she thinks it's just okay).

I know! I know! What have I got to complain about right? There are bronies out there who are getting kicked out of their homes by their folks because they watch it, and have to deal with IRL haters and all that. Yes, I acknowledge that I have it easier than others. But still, it still doesn't feel good. I have enough things that make me a freak! I don't need my personal interests and tastes making me weird too.

*sigh* Okay, I'm being kinda whiny here. I guess that they tolerate it enough for me to still enjoy it. Still, it kinda hurts that I'm perfectly fine sharing my fandom love with the outside world, but I'm ashamed to share it with my family, not even my sister who sorta likes it. Whenever they come in my room, I jump and pull down all my pony pages so they won't see them. My Dad says he would never watch it in a million years, and agrees that I'm a little weird for watching a kid's show. My Mom hates the word "brony" (she claims that it's because it sounds like the word "grotty", and she hates that word too, but I'm thinking there's more to it than that...). And my sister always gives me an odd look whenever I wanna talk about the show.

Again, I'm not saying that I'm the one with the biggest problems when it comes to the "taboo" of the show and those who like it. I'm just saying that, however small, my problems with dealing with it still exist.

Anyway, at least all that matters is that I like it. I'm not gonna force it on anyone else, if they really don't want to watch it. I'm still gonna watch it. If my family thinks I'm weird for that... well, it's really not anything new, so I guess it's okay!
icewhip icewhip
22-25, F
May 5, 2012