Chearful Moments

My favorite so far is My little pony tales but I am slowly coming to find that the arigoinals are pretty good. When I started out I just drew ponies because I would freak out when I saw anything that resembled them. I needed a way to get over it. I found I liked to draw them. I started collecting and using them as a way to draw them better. Later baught My little pony the movie because I hardly ever see the movies of My little pony out on the shelves of stores. I liked it and looked to youtube to see more. I soon found My little pony tales. 

Racing forward to a couple of weeks ago I started to get into the older ones. With Megan and the babie ponies. I still have the weird fealing when I watch it but I think that is normal because I am a guy. I want to get over it because I like My little pony and I want to be able to watch it without fealling any shame. Most of the time it brightens up my day. Other times I am just not in the mood for it.

saphtalon saphtalon
18-21, M
Mar 6, 2010