My Wife And Her Boyfriends

My wife and I have a regular boyfriend that services her on demand, his name is Jim

We were sitting in our lounge having a few drinks when Jim called and with him being a regular caller we knew what he had come for.

My wife Mandy excused herself and went upstairs while Jim and I had another drink, the door bell went again and Barry had popped round to talk about the electricity work he needed advice on.Mandy came back down stairs and Jim smiled but Barrys eyes popped out as she was wearing a teeshirt with no bra and short skirt with black stockings, Jim was expecting this as he knew how Mandy dressed for him but Barry could only stare at the nipples sticking out of the teeshirt.Jim as usual had a big bulge in is trousers and sat down next to Mandy on the settee, Mandy looked at me and nodded over to Barry and I noticed he also had an hardon, I gave the wink to Mandy and she started to stroke Jims manhood through his trousers, Jim in turn held her left *** and pulled the nipple,I asked Barry to sit on the other side of Mandy and to help Jim to please her, he declined saying he couldn't because of his wife, but if it was okay he would sit in the easy chair and watch, by this time jim had mounted Mandy and was in full thrust into her, I held her hand as she likes me to and assisted when I could ,Barry by this time had dropped his trousers and was stroking his large ****, panting and shaking, Mandiny asked him if she could help him but he still refused to let her touch him. A little while later I could tell that Barry was near to ******* his lot and so I handed him a tissue that he shot a full load into, he seemed to be ******* for ever and I wondered if a tissue was enough to hold it all. Jim and Mandy as usual nearly always came together and he shot a full load up Mandy filling her with his *****, Barry excused himself and headed for home, Jim and Mandy held themselves for a little while and then Jim left.

I have seen Barry since and he has asked me to please thank Mandy as she has a great body and he would like to repeat the time again when it was okay with us, I have spoken to Mandy and Jim and we have arranged for another session next week

Mandy and I have great sex each time she has been with her boyfriend

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4 Responses Feb 12, 2010

very hot story.

:) I love the way she looked to you and then just plain had a good time.

Get his wife involved, who knows maybe your boyfriend would service her as well ???<br />
Thanks for telling us about your wonderful wife.

I bet Barry won't last too long before he gives in and ***** your wife.