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My Mom Spend A Whole Day In A Nude Beach

Hello, I'm a boy (17 years old) student, I live with my dad and mom and sister (14 years) and brother (10 years), my mom is 39 years old, she is beautiful, shy, polite, kind, decent and respected woman, she never did anything bad, she wear modest clothes, all her behaves are so grave and wise, all people respect and ask her for any problem.

But I don't know what happened to her!!! About year ago she told us (my dad, me and my sister) that she went with her friends (females and males) to a nude beach and spends the whole day completely naked at the beach... Her male friends show their admiration of her butt.


My dad became angry, but after time he said to mommy: please don't do that again... My mom said: Ok, it will be the first and last and ONLY time in my life to do such low, shame and humiliating act.

From that black day till now the image can't be deleted from my mind (my mom completely naked and hundreds of strangers looking at her body holes)... Sometimes I fall in crying... I can't be attention in my school... I always think if my mom repeats that shame again.


skyhere skyhere 16-17, M 3 Responses May 8, 2010

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moms are people mom surprised me more then once...its ok

Low? Shame? Humiliating? Someone's got some big hangups.<br />
<br />
Please get a life & lighten up...!

i think we could be good frineds. add me and we'll chat!