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She Has No Tan Lines

We once lived in South Florida and it is no big deal to be topless on the beaches there. When we were dating and the first time I took her to a beach there she noticed other woman laying out topless. She asked me if I had any issuses with her going topless also and I told her it was fine with me. No sooner than the words came out of my mouth she had her top off. It was a busy day on the beach and the first time I experienced her exposed to any guy that walked by.
After that day I told her about another beach and if we walked further down the beach away from families people go completly nude. That ended up being the beach of choice for us the next four years we lived there. She became very comfortable being nude infront of others being she wasn't the only person nude. I got the biggest thrill out of watching guys that knew about the area and walked the beach just to check out who was nude. Some had enough courage to walk up and have a conversation with us and she just acted like it was no big deal to be laying out nude and having another man standing over her and looking at her.
These days we live in a more conservative area so we bought a boat so we can go to more remote areas for our nude tanning. We are not the only ones that have the same idea but people here give you your space in most cases. We have had guys notice her when they go by on waverunners and they will be sure to make a few passes. Once, a guy parked further down the beach and worked his way to us in the dunes. He assumed we didn't see him but I had seen him pull up to the beach and watched where he went. My wife had not noticed being she was laying out on her back and we had a radio playing. He perched himself about 30 yards away on top of a dune and beside a bush. I just acted as if I didn't notice and let him enjoy the nakedness of my wife.
Where there's a will, there's a way!
twofun twofun 41-45 4 Responses Nov 11, 2011

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im from south Florida, go to Haulover beach, north of Miami topless and totally nude is accepted


very hot story. I miss my boat so much my wife was naked on the boat all the time.

hi, i am taking my wife to florida in in 2 months.. can you tell us where she can go topless

If you are on the east coast you can go topless all over Miami Beach and if you wantto be more daring, go to Haullover Beach just north of Miami. It's a legal nude beach.

i go there all the time, Haulover is the best