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How It All Started: My Wife's First Nude Beach Exhibition

 This is the story that describes my first experience of people seeing my wife completely nude on the beach. It also revealed to me that my wife is an exhibitionist and that I realized I love other people to see my wife nude.


The first time my wife and I ever went to a nude beach was in Europe 1998. We were given a group orientation about the island by a tour guide. The tour guide mentioned that “all the beaches are clothing optional. That means you can wear whatever you want or whatever you don’t want.” My wife let out an audible ‘yes’, after hearing that. I turned to her somewhat surprised. “Why was she so excited? - I wondered”. She is normally a very self-disciplined, controlled person.


Let me describe my wife. She is very petite, mixed-race, 5’2”, about 105 pounds. Her breasts are a perky 32A, and they look great on her tiny thin frame. She has slightly visible abs because she has very little body fat, accented with little protruding hip bones. She has great legs with the smallest ankles. Her bum is firm and round, with perfect bum cups. She is totally hairless, the only place on her body that she grows hair is armpits and pubic, which was all removed by waxing just days before we arrived at the island. She has the greatest little camel toe I’ve ever seen, tight and puckers outward, no inner lips sticking out. Her skin is flawless, smooth. And she is gorgeous exotic looking. She looks like a younger teenager. Enough said.


Upon arriving at the beach, I took the lead to find a spot. I was nervous as hell, it had only about 30% of the people totally nude. The beach was very crowded with couples mostly.  They were lounging barely 2 meters from each other. Within a minute, I saw my first naked girls. They were two single girls about 20, a brunette and redhead, all oiled up. (more about them later). I looked briefly at the red heads body, it was pale white with a light, slightly trimmed bush. I didn’t see any shaved girls. I was looking for a place that would be more ‘private’ which appeared that was not possible. My wife grew inpatient and said “o just sit anywhere”.  I think her seeing those two nude girls made her more excited about getting nude herself. She took the lead and selected a spot directly in the middle. It was the last set of loungers on the crowded beach. It was far from the water but directly faced onto a main path that lead to the water and to the back of the beach to restaurants and washrooms. People constantly walked up and down this ‘path’ through the loungers. You could argue that this was one of the busiest places to be. It was such a distance from the water, that if we decided to walk to the water we’d have to walk through the entire throngs of people on display down this path.


I stopped for only a couple of seconds when I saw the spot she had chosen and had reservations about it being too busy should my wife decide to go au natual, she would be the center of attraction. I paused and scanned the area for another option. I was thinking in my head, “that I don’t know about this spot it seemed rather busy for our first time going to a clothing optional beach.” Anyway, I figured we didn’t have to remove our bathing suits if we didn’t want to. I knew she was wearing a purple thong under her shorts and thought she’d probably wear that and go topless. Was I ever wrong. I turned back to face her and what I saw was my wife standing there and with one swoop, she took down her shorts and her thong at the same time. No hesitation about going au natural. It was like she was in a hurry to take everything off. I couldn’t believe how nude she looked. I had seen her nude around our flat for years but never outside in bright sunshine like this. I stood there gazing like it was the first time I ever saw her nude. She was ignoring me and staring out among the people, at no one in particular but as if she was announcing her presence. I couldn’t believe that she didn’t sit down first to take off all her clothes. My little brave exhibitionist wife even didn’t even take a moment to consider being nude, she first took her bottoms off then fumbled around with her bikini top strings before removing it, all the while she kept standing. (I later noticed most girls were a little more discreet, that they usually sat down and took their top off first, then slid the bottoms off while sitting). Not my wife, she had the option to be fully nude and wasn’t going to waste time to show-off her little perfectly groomed body. Later I thought she must’ve acted so fast so that I wouldn’t have a chance to say that she can’t go completely nude. I would not of said no to full nudity, but that was her insurance that if she got nude fast enough, the horse had already left the barn, so to speak.


Still standing there she just casually looked around the beach at the people and scenery. She had slight tan lines which even made her more nude, because you can see the parts that are normally covered up. Her breasts were accented by the tan lines and made her nipples look lighter but still contrasted with the whiteness of her breasts. Her hairless pubic mound almost glowed white. Her bare mons mound protruded down to the small slit and puffy outer labia. I actually hadn’t seen her ***** look so good, never so prominent and delicately swollen. The hairlessness and smoothness of her vulva was her most obvious feature on display. According to my scan of the other girls, my wife appeared to be the only girl with a hairless kitty. She was nuder then nude. Remember this was 1998 before there ever was the words “brazilian wax”. She was enjoying the attention.


After a few minutes, she fumbled around organizing the lounger and putting away her clothes, getting the sunblock from the backpack, bending over etc. She didn’t say a word to me, in fact ignored me like she was there alone. She was all the while acting like it was no big deal. But everyone, myself included, could not keep their eyes off her. They weren’t even trying to ‘not look’, but blatantly stared while they took in what they were actually seeing. The guys close-by probably couldn’t believe their luck. They had all day to look at this petite, totally hairless, gorgeous beauty completely nude in the middle of a clothing optional beach. With only about 30% nude, it made any nudists seem more nude then nude among the dressed people.


I got naked and we got settled. I couldn’t stop looking at the men (women too) who kept sneaking looks at her nude body and sometimes more obvious looks directly at her bare vulva and puffed-up nipples. But my wife just lied in the sun and appeared to enjoy the attention.


Then the first thing that made me realize (I had several prior clues that hinted that she was an exhitionist) but the first thing that made me really realize that she really does get turned-on being looked at was this: there was a couple not more then one meter to her left, the closest was the man. My wife sat up and swung her legs to the left side of the lounger, to the side that he was sitting, so her back was to me, I was sitting on her right. The man put down his book and glanced in her direction. My wife paused like that and when she knew she had his attention, she twisted around, keeping her knees facing him slightly apart. Still seated in an upright position she then started looking through the backpack on the other side (my side) of the lounger, she was reaching inside for something that took forever to find. As it appeared, whatever it was she was looking through the bag for was difficult to find. So she twisted a bit more that had the effect of  her knees spreading more apart and eventually her one leg had to lift up and half swing over. This pose, with her left foot flat on the sand and her right leg bent at the knee with the foot flat up on the lounger, gave everyone, but most of all the man beside her the greatest view of her little spread hairless slit, and her pale perineum and anus. More importantly she was twisted around searching the bag’s contents, so he could stare all he wanted and she would not see him staring. All I could see were his eyes aimed directly between her legs with a view of a lifetime. She stayed like this looking through the backpack for I would guess 30-60 seconds, while he didn’t take his eyes off her and I didn’t take my eyes off him. I wished I could see what he saw. Eventually she swung around back into a laying down posture on the lounger and the strange thing was she didn’t retrieve anything from the bag. I knew then that that was just a way for her to be an exhibitionist.


I looked at the man’s penis and it was starting to plump-up. That’s when I started to get hard myself. I was getting an erection by watching another man get an erection while checking out my wife’s nude body. Then I realized, I like my wife showing her nude body to strangers. It added to the excitement that I couldn’t see what everyone else could.


Soon after those same two girls I mentioned earlier (20ish brunette and red head), came walking from the water up the path in front of us. They looked so hot walking with full confidence, totally naked past everyone. They looked European, nice fit bodies, the brunettes bush was not full-natural, but just slightly trimmed and the sides shaved for a regular bikini in a wide ‘V’. The read heads bush was thin and fluffy, but looked to have the natural hair length. When they walked past us, they made obvious glances at my wife’s bald vulva and labia. My wife had a big smile on her face. I looked at their bums when they got past and it was difficult to decide what I liked more, seeing them walking from behind or straight on. They walked all the way to the restaurant area totally nude. I couldn’t believe it. The my wife said to me, “I want to do that”, as she nodded in the direction of the two girls. I knew she meant that she wanted to walk around naked in front of everyone. I started to get an erection again, only this time I could tell it was going to be a full-on-*****.


I decided before my erection got to full-on status that I better walk to the water to hide it. I walked by myself, through the mass of people with my ever-growing erection bouncing its way to the water. I got into the water and faced out to the horizon. I considered wading out into the water deeper to wack-off the erection. But it went away from the cold and I started to walk back to our lounges.


When I arrived my wife was gone. The back-pack was there, towels everything was there. Except for the surf shoes that she wore to walk to the beach. I stood around looking for her and couldn’t find her. Did she wait for a chance to walk around without me? I was nervous but knew nothing could happen to her with all those people around, estimated to between 500-1000. While still standing and looking around for her, I started to get another erection at the thought of my completely nude wife was somewhere walking around wearing nothing but her surf shoes and a smile. She must of looked more nude then nude just wearing her shoes and showing her little hairless, puckered, camel toe to everyone. Aware of my erection growing more from this thought of my wife being seen nude by all these people, I decide to sit down and try to cover my erection by bending one knee up so that my very public erection would be hidden at least to one side view. I couldn’t go look for her in that state, so I was basically left to wait for her to return.


After about 30 minutes passed, and my totally nude wife still hadn’t returned I stood up and walked towards the restaurants to stand on a dune to get a better lookout over the crowds of people. Just then I spotted her walking on the paved path away from the washrooms, the same path used by the two girls earlier. She saw me and waved and started to walk to our loungers. I walked back to meet her.


I asked her where she was?

She said, “the washrooms”.

I pointed out the fact that I just saw her coming from the washrooms a minute ago. “You were gone for half an hour! What took so long?”

She shrugged her shoulders and said, “I went for a walk to the end of the beach”. “It’s really nice, but nobody is nude down there”. 

“No one? So you were like the only one naked, walking around all those people. You must’ve been quite a sight. That’s hot! I wish I could’ve been one of those guys in the crowd watching you.”

“Didn’t anyone say anything? Like, put some clothes on?” I asked

“No, not at all. Besides, I didn’t bring anything with me. Even if I wanted to wear something I couldn’t”, she replied. “Actually I was very popular.” “A man even asked if he could take my picture.”

“Did you let him?” I said excitedly.

“Sure”. “He told me where to stand so the sun was not behind me, and I made a couple poses at the shore.” “I think I saw another man sneaking pictures too.”

“Holy ****”, I said, absorbing what my wife just told me. Not only did she walk around hundreds of people naked for 30-minutes, she was the only person naked, and some guy had several photos of her.


“It was fun”, she said.


I said to her, “If you liked it, you can do it again.” 

“Really? I didn’t know if you’d be mad, that’s why I told you I just went to the washroom.”, my wife replied.


I told her, “Yah, do it again. It turns me on”.


To be continued.


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my first visit to a naturist beach was in France.<br />
They are so hot over there and they love girls who show off but beauty is they respectful they not so much in your face as UK guys

Your wife sounds absolutely wonderful. It's great she likes to show off so much. Mine's been nude on the beach but never walking around or spreading her legs for guys. Hope she does eventually.<br />
<br />
Going to read the next parts. Would love to see more pics of your smooth sexy petite wife.

awesome sexy story! we posted our first experience at a clothing optional beach in Greece on here also. hope you have a chance to take a look.

for some reason, the em<x>bedded pics aren't displaying in your story! Boo-hoo.. Bill

Thanks for sharing your story!

ur wife is a ****<br />
and u are a fool

It is quite ****-hardening the way you illustrated your story with the pics of your wife so blatantly putting herself on display to whoever was close enough to get a good long look!

Great story man. Isnt it amazing that you had all these other naked women around and its your wife the one you see all the time that gave you a raging *****. Love to see more of her my wife has perfect little a's also. Circle me...

Great story. Wish mine was that open minded.

you could say you were living everymans dream..... and the discription of her body in such detail down to her no inner lips and puffy labia a great story any updates on sharing her nude with anyone at home? what part of worls do you live in? i may want to move!!! thanks

you could say you were living everymans dream..... and the discription of her body in such detail down to her no inner lips and puffy labia a great story any updates on sharing her nude with anyone at home? what part of worls do you live in? i may want to move!!! thanks

Please, please tell me other men get to have her! She's just awesome! Tks for shairing. Bill in Va.

Great story! It really is a great feeling au naturale!

I just read your story with the pics of your wife open in another browser window and just came all over myself looking at her knowing what she had done!

Good read.

Nice story, is that your wife in the avatar? Nice picture. Feels good doesn't it to have others see what you have and share it and a wife that feels confidant to show it off.<br />
<br />
ludvig<br />