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Right In Front of Me

I was shocked the first time we went to a nude beach to see my usually conservative wife remove her top before sitting down, and then when she turned to lay on her stomach she removed her bikini bottoms.

She is 5 foot 10 about 120 pounds with long legs, perky 34B cups and sky blue eyes and dirty blond hair. She is gorgeous and sexy and smouldering HOT!

I say conservative, but that didn't mean she didn't wear a bikini, she always enjoyed appearing sexy, but was usually far more conservative in action.

she ahd been laying on her stomach for not more then 5 minutes when I noticed something had caught her eye, I looked behind us and noticed there were some young men playing vollyball. She continued to watch them for a while and then I sensed a change. I looked over my should to see the game over, and a tall muscular black man who had been playing had removed his shorts and was walking in our direction, looking directly at my wife, with his big, soft black **** swaying back and forth. Just swinging there it was larger then mine fully erect.

I sat there stunned as he walked right over and introduced himself, and began openly flirting with my wife, sitting next to her and putting his hand right on her bum! He looked at me dismisively and continued to flirt with her. After a minute she sat up and faced him. She was turned toward him with her naked breasts exposed, and sat crosslegged so he could see her soft shaven private area. He obviously like what he saw because his **** started to throb and grow. And did it grow, it was huge and both me and my wife stared at it for a few moments. Then my wife commented on the size and put her hand on it! He started to tell my wife what he wanted to do with it as she marveled at it and slowly stroked it. I suddenly found my voice and said "that is my wife" He looked at me again, with that dismissive smile and stood up, taking my wife and helping her to her feet and suggested they take a walk so they could talk uninterupted. I sat there and watched as my wife gave me a wink and began to walk toward the water with him. He took her hand and placed it back on his **** and put his hand behind her on her bum.

I looked at the people closes to where I was still sitting, everyone was looking in the dirrection of my wife, all of the men had hardons. I watched as they strolled up and down the beach, every head turning to follow her was nothing new, seeing the guys get hardons was. I had always figured guys had, but now I was seeing it.

About 20 minutes later they were almost back to where I was sitting and they turned toward where his friends were. My wife walked up and stood talking to about half a dozen young black men all with hardons. She was still holding the guy who had walked over to talk to her, and I watched as she took them all one by one, as if comparing them. She looked over and smiled waving for me to go over. I gathered our few things and walked over. By the time I got there she was sitting on his lap, his big **** sticking up between her legs and she was talking and casually stroking just the top few inches. I sat down and we talked like old friends, like nothing was unusual. But the entire time my wife was holding and stroking this big black ****, or she would turn and rub her privates along the top of it slowly while taking the **** of the boy next to them in her hand and stoking him a little (everyone was eager to sit next to her).

The funniest part of the whole day was when we were leaving. Her new friend commented on how I was so relaxed about it and didn't even get an erection watching my wife. My wife gave a little giggle and said goodby, knowing full well that I had a throbbing erection all day, it just wasn't going to be visible through my bathingsuit.

sammann sammann 31-35 8 Responses Sep 14, 2009

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Apparently, you know nothing about black men and nudity. Most are deeply afraid of any version of nudity and cower like catholic school girls if anyone male or female look at them nude.

So, the volleyball game is not culturally possible. The guy approaching you and your wife as you both stare is absolutely not possible.

So you speak for all black men? Apparently, you have also decided that all black men share the same culture. Making that assumption, in the U.S. of all places, is especially ridiculous. Black Americans emigrated from so many different countries and continents, with so many different cultures and customs that finding truth in generalizations such as yours is "absolutely not possible". If you want to nitpick, and I do, the black man was wearing shorts while playing volleyball, and there is nothing in the story to suggest that the other players were not also wearing shorts.

I have no use for white men that would want their wives to have sex with a black man. She is no better.

soooo, as long as the d**k swinging in her face isn't a black one, right?

With a few changes, I think this was plagiarized from a cheap Man's Magazine. The only thing missing was that the black guy didn't kick sand in his face when he came over and took away his "woman"


That's really ****** up and I don't believe the story. If it is true.You need to get some balls man. I have no appreciation for interracial sex.

Dont you love when your wife surprises

What a hot story. My **** is so hard right now from reading it... I can just imagine your wife through the whole thing - mostly because I have seen my own wife in just such a situation...

What a hot story. My **** is so hard right now from reading it... I can just imagine your wife through the whole thing - mostly because I have seen my own wife in just such a situation...

Great story however there has to be more, adventures. Looking forward to reading more stories and possibly some pics. Thanks for sharing.