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My Wife’s Second Day Nude On A Beach. Part 1

 My wife’s second day nude on a beach. The morning. Part 1


During breakfast we looked at a map of the island and decided on a beach that appeared to be off the beaten track. I suggested that we try that one. In my mind I knew it would be less crowded and after the previous days events I thought I could use a break from all the exposure my wife received and exhibited. I was still confused about how excited the previous day made me feel but at the same time felt that it was something wrong. I was also a bit clueless (or in denial) that my wife enjoyed being an exhibitionist.


The beach I suggested required a bus to reach. Unlike the previous day and most other beaches a boat taxi is the main way to get to the beach. When we arrived the bus stopped at the top of small cliff. I looked over the beach below us and like I thought it was not busy at all. There was only a dozen or so clothed people gathered at one end. I was somewhat relieved, but couldn’t help notice that my wife wasn’t impressed with it.


We took the steps down to the beach and found a spot that was far from everyone else. We took off our clothes and relaxed. This time I could really relax since there weren’t any people sharing close proximity like the previous day. My wife didn’t bother to wear or bring a bikini, she only wore a sundress (no bra or panties), and it was thin material and short. The bottom of the dress would easily blow up and expose her bare camel toe with the slightest breeze. On her feet she wore black strappy sandals with a 3” heel, more appropriate for dinner at a restaurant then a beach. These shoes made it difficult to walk on sand and rocks so she had to walk very carefully and slowly and always had to look down at every step.


We spread out our towels and started to get an all over tan. My wife stood and applied sunblock to her hairless nude body. There was some people staring at her from a distance. They were probably wondering if she was indeed nude. Since this beach wasn’t normally a beach people went nude on. She was the only person nude from what I could tell but it didn’t matter because we were off in an area alone.


It didn’t take long for my wife to become restless. It seemed as if she was bored. She took frequent walks down to the water and back to our towels. Over the next 30 minutes a few single men and one couple walked by us making casual glances at my wife’s exposed nude body.


“Why do they have to walk down here?” I asked rhetorically.


My wife replied, “O so what. Show them what they want to see”. After saying that my wife who was laying on her back up on her elbows looked at the passing man and opened her legs like a brat. I was a little shocked but it started to make sense to me why she was restless and seemed bored…. It was because there weren’t enough people around for her to show her perfect little nude bratty *** to.


I watched the man’s expression as he walked by and I could tell he was burning the image into his memory. Probably of the first hairless ***** he’s seen (this was 1998) and glowing white and puffy under the late morning sunshine. He continued to walk down to the end of the beach and I watched him walk onto a rocky outcrop and sit down. My wife, bored again laid down flat on her back and closed her eyes. I looked down at the man and he had taken down his shorts, I thought at first he needed to go pee so he walked down the beach rather then to a washroom. I soon realized this guy wasn’t urinating. I saw his hand moving in an obvious ************ motion. I nudged my wife and said, “Check out that guy, down there, he’s guy who just walked by us a minute ago.”

She said, “Ya so?”


I said, “look at what he’s doing with his hand, you made him do that.”


She was shocked and happy, “He is playing with himself? I saw him looking at me when he walked by, now he’s jacking off?”. She asked in a seriously naive voice, “Do you really think I made him do that? Is he picturing me? Me laying here when I showed him my ***** with no hair.”


I could see her mind thinking about it, almost like having a revelation, that perhaps she made everyone go away and ********** to the image of her sunning in herself wearing just her birthday suit. We both watched him jack off; it didn’t take long, only a few minutes until he had an obvious ******. I looked at my wife when the man’s body started to convulse and arch back with his head looking upward, then she cracked a big naughty grin. She loved the fact that she made the man lose control to the point that he had to wack off minutes after seeing her erect nipples and puffy slit.


The man pulled up his shorts and started to walk back. My wife stood up and I continued to sit there. She started to walk to the water and she timed it so that she would cross paths with the man. She almost ‘accidentally’ bumped into him. My wife stood still in front of his path, turned to face him and I could see she made eye contact and smiled, almost to say, “I saw what you did.” I thought I could see from my distance that she said something to him.


She waited for the stranger to walk back to his place at the other end of the beach and returned to our towels. I wanted to ask her what was said, but I was too nervous.


She asked, “Can we go to another beach?”. I said, “yeah I guess so, what’s wrong with this one?”


She was trying to find the words, but said, “Nothing let’s just try another beach, one that’s more busy, with more people, like yesterday.”


I got it. She needed to show her body off to as many people as possible. She was hooked on being an ‘innocent’ exhibitionist.


“Okay.” I said, “It’s still not even noon, we can get on the same bus and take it to Paradise Beach. I hear that’s one of the most popular on the island.”


up next, the day at Paradise Beach . Part 2


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This was a great story, thanks for sharing!

She's so much fun. I'd take her to the most crowded beach and walk with her all over the place to show off her hot little body as much as possible.

I am always fantasizing about walking around a nude beach with horny women loving my hard ****. I would love to gizz for your wife.

If I had been that guy on the beach I would have walked around in front of your wife with my hard **** throbbing in the breeze... do you think it would have excited her to actually see it shooting ***** for her?