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My Wife’s Second Day Nude On A Beach. The Afternoon. Part 2

 My wife’s second day nude on a beach. The afternoon. Part 2



My wife stepped into her 3" strappy sandals and reached for some towellettes and wiped her face clean of any makeup and sunblock. When she is not wearing make up she looks like she's 14 years old. Then she took another one and wiped her bald ***** clean of what I assumed was some moisture from seeing the man ******** 5 minutes ago. I brushed off her body with the towel to clean it of any sunblock and sand and packed up the knapsack and handed her her thin sundress. She pulled on the light sundress over her clean nude body and we proceeded up the path to the bus stop.


The sandals as I mentioned earlier are not suitable for the beach and it caused her to walk slowly and carefully. Her ankles are very tiny to begin with so she is very cautious when walking wearing any shoe with a heel. Inevitably I always get several steps ahead of her and have to turn around and wait for her to catch up. We arrived at the bus stop and it wasn't long before the island bus arrived. The bus was packed and I found only one seat available and let my wife take it. It was a seat next to an English guy about 30 years old. She sat down and I saw her sundress ride up almost baring her crotch. I noticed it caught the English guy's attention, seeing all that bare leg. I told her I'll stand near the back of the bus, and the English guy introduced himself and asked where we were going. 


I told him. "Paradise Beach". He replied, "that's where I'm going, you'll love it there". From where I stood at the back I could see that my wife's dress was so short that when she sat down she was sitting on her bare bum, since there wasn't enough material to make a 'seat' when sitting. It looked really hot and I was wondering what the guy next to her could see from his perspective. Could he see that she wasn't wearing a bra? Most likely, that was obvious, but I wondered if he could tell she wasn't wearing panties either or if he could see that she had a bald naked *****. I could tell they were having a casual conversation but I was too far to know what it was about.


The bus arrived at the drop-off area for Paradise Beach. The driver announced it and almost the entire bus emptied. I met my wife who was waiting for me and she said good-bye to her new friend. We followed the crowd down the paved road to a narrowing sand-covered path and eventually over sandy dunes and before our eyes was an expansive beach filled with hundreds of people. There was bars and souvenir shops at the back of the beach and loungers, umbrellas and people laying all over in an unorganized fashion. Unlike the beach the previous day that had organized rows, this was a free-for-all to sit wherever you wished. 


We wandered onto the beach, I was wearing a t-shirt and board shorts and carrying the knapsack containing our supplies for the day. My wife was only wearing her sun dress and heeled sandals, not carrying anything and still she took half a step to my every three steps which always caused her to fall far behind me every 30 seconds or so I had to stop and turn to find her. I would wait for her to catch up while we looked for a spot to settle down into. As expected her dress was billowing up every so often exposing her bald slit (or her bare perfect *** to people behind). Her hair was in a hair-band showing her pure makeup free face. The lack of makeup and the hairband had the effect of making it very difficult to guess her age. She ignored the dress whenever it blew up paying more attention to the careful steps she had to take in her sandals.


We walked around almost half of one end of the beach. I was trying to find an area that had a larger collection of nude people. But it had not any particular 'nude' area. Mostly it was people in euro-type bikinis scattered with the odd totally nude person. I only saw one other girl that would be considered 'shaved', she had the tiniest of landing strips, most girls had full to only slightly trimmed bushes. 



I stopped for about the tenth time to turn around to wait for my wife to catch up only this time I noticed she had took off her sun dress and was walking slowly wearing only her sandals. Most of the beach goers were seated or lying down, so when she slowly walked by their eyes were at the same level as her waxed ***** and her bare tight ***. With her sun dress in hand when she reached me she handed it to me.


I asked, "why did you take it off, we don't even know where we're going to sit yet?". She answered, "because I was tired of it always blowing up, so I just took it off". I took it and placed it in the knapsack.


As we continued to walk around like this, she finally pointed out a spot at the water's edge and said, "let's go there". We spread out our towels just a few feet from where the surf softly rolled up onto the sand.


My wife kicked off her sandals and took out the suntan lotion. It was an oily type. She stood and applied a shiny gloss to her hairless body in front of all the passers by and the people seated behind us. This area of the beach appeared to be a popular spot for people to casually go for a walk along the waters edge. I got undressed and we relaxed on our towels. I put on sun glasses so I could easily watch the people walk by as they stared at my wife who pretended that no one was looking at her. Completely relaxed and on display it was difficult to believe she wasn't raised as a nudist never mind the fact that this is only the second day she's been totally nude on a public beach. Her gradually disappearing tan lines still highlighted her puffy nipples and hairless mound and tight slit. It was so smooth it looked like it never had hair. She knows she has a great looking ***** and loves to show it. It has no inner lips visible and the top of the slit has a little indent when standing. I noticed several people more then once. One man I noticed had walked by about 3 times on the last time I noticed a camera in his hand. He was walking back and forth and taking pictures, thinking we weren't noticing. I mentally gave myself an erection, to add to the picture of these passers by, me with a hardon laying up to my bellybutton and my wife with her arms stretched out over her head and now her bald tight slit was surrounded by very puffy ***** lips screaming for attention. Her ***** slit grows upward when aroused and all the attention turned her ***** in a puckered vertical mouth. The constant steady flow of traffic was no doubt in for a quite a sight.


I looked at the time and it was nearing 2:00. I noticed we were out of bottled water. I told my wife that I need to go to one of the bars at the back to buy some more water. I started to rummage through the knapsack looking for my shorts, when my wife asked what I was doing.


I said, "I'm putting on my shorts, I can't go back to the bars wearing nothing". She said, "don't be stupid, just go like that." I hesitated and told her that I can't do that, I need to wear my shorts. She got into a bratty attitude and said, "o just give me the money, I'll go get the water". Before I could argue she took the money and started to walk away towards the bars, wearing absolutely nothing but suntan oil and a hair band. I watched her walk zig zag and eventually disappear among the crowds of people. Her tiny groomed body made her look like she was either lost and looking for her parents or a ******** that would be performing later that night.


I relaxed down on the towel and waited for her to return. As I expected I didn't see her until about 20-30 minutes. She sat down with a bottle of water and gave me the money back. 


I asked, "Didn't it cost anything?". My wife said, "No, I guess not. I went to one of the bars and waited to be served. Until a bartender came over and asked what he could get me. First he asked if I was old enough to drink. I laughed and told him I wanted some bottled water." 


The bartender said, "first why not have a seat and try out this new drink I invented." He poured me a cocktail and asked my opinion. She told me that she sat nude on the bar stool and slowly enjoyed the strong drink and talked to people. Mind you she was the only one nude and caused much attention because she was now off the beach in the bar area. When my wife finished her drink he asked what she thought. She told him it tasted good but could be more sweeter. He handed her a bottle of water and and said, "on the house for your opinion".


I asked her if she felt uncomfortable. She said, "No it was fun being the only nude girl around all those people. Lots of people were coming up and talking to me and asking me questions".


"Questions like what kind?" I asked her. She said one guy came up to me and said, "we were talking about you over there". "Oh ya?" she asked, "what about?". He said, "come with me, you have to settle a bet". 


She told me she got off the stool and walked over to his group of about 6 friends, they were all in their 40s. The man introduced everyone to her and asked her, "we have a bet about your ethnicity, some of us say you are French and some of us say you're Tai/Hawaiian/Asian". 


My wife stood in front of them and said, "Why would you be trying to guess my ethnicity?". "What is it about me that makes you wonder?" my wife asked as she casually twirled around for them. Then one of the girls blurted out, "Where is your bush?". To which my wife plainly answered, "I don't have one". A man responded, "We can definitely see that!!!". "That's why we want to know, either you're French because we understand French nudist girls remove their pubic hair or are naturally hairless? Because it looks like there never was pubic hair there". 


My wife grinned at them and responded, "it's my secret, you'll never know. All you'll know is that I don't have a bush." She told them it was nice meeting them but she better get going. They told her it was their pleasure and the same girl said to her before she left, "Fair enough if you won't tell us, but all the same we all agree you have a very cute little ***** and we appreciate that you show it off". "Thank you" my wife politely responded.


The day went on and after a few more hours the constant foot traffic, gawkers and cameras in front of us was beginning to be unnoticed. At around 6:30 we decided to get back to our hotel and go for dinner. The beach crowd was starting to change from the normal vacationers in their 40s, 50s to a party aged crowd in their 20s. The beach turns into an all nite dance party around 8pm. The beach also became less and less nude, leaving pretty much my wife and I one of the last remaining all nude people.


I put on my clothes from the knapsack, folded away the towels when I noticed my wife not getting dressed. Indeed she was doing the opposite. She went in the water and rinsed off the sand and returned, standing there air drying for several minutes while I was packing up. She was facing the away from the water and the sun was now a warmer color and lower in the sky. It shined perfectly on her body leaving no overhead shadows as she faced the beach crowd who were mostly all facing in her direction. The sun light made her bald mound of venus look like God's best work. She patiently stood there drying off while I packed up the stuff. I looked back a few times and noticed one guy with a camcorder on his lap filming my wife, I also noticed that he was trying to hide his erection with the camera. Another guy had his erection between his folded hands making small movements while trying to hide it. I looked at my wife to see what the show would look like. I saw her standing with her arms stretched outward sometimes overhead and her feet shoulder width apart. Slightly twisting from side to side and sometimes making a complete circle showing all angles of her perfect nude body. She was putting on a show but using the excuse that she is trying to dry off.


I handed her her sundress and she shook her head 'no'. She said, "pass me the lotion". I handed her the lotion and waited for her to finish applying lotion to every part of her exposed body. It was a performance to say the least. I watched her what seemed to take 5 minutes bending over turning around spraying and rubbing lotion on her body. I dared not turn around to see how many cameras were trained on her exhibition performance. When she was done I handed her the dress again and she again shook her head 'no'. "Pass me my sandals" she said. She put on her sandals then I handed the dress to her again. "No, I'm going like this" she said, sweeping her hands across her glistening nude body. I shrugged my shoulders and we headed back towards the bus drop-off area.


Just like our walk to the beach she was taking half a step to my every third step. Only this time I wasn't waiting so much for her to catch up. I knew she knew the way to the bus area. My only hope was that she would follow the same direct path I took. I weaved my way through the path of people, trying to take the path of least people. I encountered one very large group of guys, all in their 20s and ready to party for the night. I walked around this group of guys and girls. Out of curiosity when I passed the group I turned around to see where my wife was. She was much further behind me then expected and she had wandered off on her own path. She preferred it appeared to walk through areas that had the most people and took a very indirect path to the bus area. She was so much far away that if anyone saw her it would seem like she was at the beach alone. I stared and watched as she carefully took small steps wearing just her heeled sandals. He eyes were generally pointed at her feet, this allowed anyone the opportunity to stare at her glistening tight hairless body and cute face without her seeing them. I knew she walked like this to give her an excuse to walk slow and stare downward. When she came to the large group of guys that I had walked around she walked directly through the middle of them. I watched their conversations stop and jaws drop. 


I walked up the dunes and down the sandy path and then reached the paved bus drop-off/pick-up area. I looked around and there was at least 50 people standing around waiting. About 10 minutes had passed since I last saw my wife walk through the crowd of 20-somethings. I looked back towards the sandy path were it spilled onto the paved walkway and saw people after people entering the bus area but not my wife. The bus area filled up now to about 3 bus loads of people and still no bus yet. 


I looked back and finally saw my wife had entered the paved walkway. I was shocked at how naked she looked. She was wearing nothing but heeled sandals and a soft layer of body lotion. I was wondering why was she still nude, only then did I remember that I had her dress in the knapsack. She entered the bus area and paused to look for me. I stood dazed watching her just as the entire group of dressed people did. She found me in the crowd and walked towards me and took up a standing position next to me. At that point I realized what it felt like to have so many eyes trained on me. My heart was pounding and I was dressed. I could not know how she could do it, with that much attention and totally nude. She stood next to me while this semi-circle of about 50 people waited for the bus -- every single one of them -- stared back at her. Which also felt like they were staring at me. My wife stood there like that for several more minutes until she finally said, "I guess I better get dressed now". And I handed her the knapsack and she found her sundress and everyone watched her as she slipped in on over her head. My last thought about the whole thing was strange to me. I was thinking "O great, now everyone knows you're not wearing anything under that dress".










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Fantastic way to end the day!

These stories are really great, I would love to read more.

So hot... just think of how many of those many many people were thinking aobut ******* your wife right there on the nude beach in front of you and everybody else...