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First Time Caught Naked On A Beach

I am so turned on right now by sshyawn's story that I had to tell this one...

My wife Rox and I were made for each other.  We are a perfect match in so many ways, not the least of which is our sexuality.  It was early in our dating period that we discovered we had a mutual appreciation of exhibitionism.

    It's no secret that in our society at large the act of exposing of one's sexuality may be frowned upon, particularly  to a viewer who has not agreed to play the role of voyeur, even more particularly when it is a man who's doing the exposing.  For this reason Rox's and my activities center mostly around showing Rox off to men who happen to be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

     And what lucky men they are, too!  Rox is an exceptionally attractive woman with beautiful features on a firm body housing a wonderful personality.  Needless to say, I am proud to be her husband.  This fact is evident whenever we are in any social situation, but even more so when we find ourselves in a situation in which I can reveal that side of her which is inappropriate for conventional gatherings.

     From the moment we began to experiment with our sexuality I longed to expose her to every avenue of pleasure available to us.  Rox's heated response to my display of her most feminine attributes told me that she was game for wild adventure.

     We started simply enough when, as we drove home from our dates before we were married, I began undressing her in the car.  The first time I opened her blouse to play with her breasts in the car, I loved it, of course, but to me the real appeal lay in the fact that she was exposed in an improper place.  Soon I had her riding around with me completely topless, and not long after that she would be completely nude.  We both found it extremely arousing for her to be naked in the car next to me, and we would **** all night long after one of these sessions.  

     We realized early on that our passion increased so substantially with the chance of Rox being seen riding around in the car nude that we began doing it even in broad daylight.  Our level of excitement would increase as we became more daring in our choice of locations in which to practice our games.  The more there was a chance that Rox would be caught stark naked, the more exciting it seemed.

     Soon we began seeking out ways of making sure she was seen.  The first time was during a hike on a remote, undeveloped beach in Florida that we had heard about.  We visited this beach very early in the morning and found it nearly empty.  There was only one car in the parking area besides ours and we saw no one as we made our way up over the dunes to the path along the shore.   It was not at all uncomfortable for Rox when I reached up behind her as we walked and unsnapped her top.

     "You don't need this," I told her.  She obediently stopped to allow me to remove her top completely to expose her milky white breasts to the sun for the first time as we continued hiking the deserted beach.  She smiled as I packed it safely away in my backpack.  I got a huge hardon instantly at the thought that her pretty breasts were audaciously bare.  There would be no quick cover-up if someone came up the path in the other direction, and though the chance of that was slim, it cranked the sexual tension another notch higher.

     The path finally opened up onto a wider stretch of sand, but to my disappointment we still saw no one.  This fact did nothing to soften my ****, however, and I immensly enjoyed watching Rox lie down on the towel she had spread out. 

     I was so turned on that there was no way that I could just sit there and enjoy the morning sun.  I had started stripping off Rox's bottom when I looked up and saw a lone beachcomber several hundred yards away.  He was headed in our direction, studying the sand for collectibles, I guess, and wasn't noticing us, as far as I could tell.  I got Rox's bottom off and, with the stranger approaching, looked at her under the bright sun without a stitch of cover.   

I almost shot my load right then and there.

     Rox was pretty worked up herself and started tugging at my fly and pants snap.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I was so turned on that the moment my **** burst free to sway in the  breeze and was then wrapped in the silky hand of my lover, I shot a long, hard spurt of ***** all over her arm and hand.  I was more than a little embarrassed and zipped back up before we were seen, but Rox decided then and there to test my dedication to showing her off.  Rather than covering up (I remind you that this was not a nude beach), Rox smeared my ***** around on her breasts like it was suntan lotion, making them glisten in the sun.  I was nearly afraid to check out the guy's reaction as he walked by us about twenty or thirty feet away, but when I did, he was smiling and gave us a big nod.  After that we were hooked for sure. 

     We found out about some nude beaches in Florida and began to visit them.  We both really enjoyed going nude on the beach, but I especially liked seeing Rox naked in broad daylight, especially when guys would occasionally walk by and  check her out.  As we got bolder, I would caress Rox as the guys passed.  This lead to me feeling her breasts and ***** in their presence


Our bold displays got to be too much for us and when we got home after one of these trips we'd **** our brains out talking about all the naked men leering at my sexually aroused wife.  This all lead to me screwing her right there in public while they watched.   There were only a couple of men there, two of them about twenty feet away on either side and one in on the wooded area off the beach, but the fact that they jacked off while we were doing did nothing to inhibit my wife's display , but indeed made her all the more demonstrative...


We started going only to nude beaches after that and ****** on them as much as we could.


pjandrox pjandrox 46-50 Nov 6, 2009

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