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my wife and I have been married for almost 14 years, I guess I'd have to say it has been very good, we have a lot in common, were still in love, we have 2 great kids and life is pretty sweet. i wont bore you with my life story so I'll tell u how my situation came to be. We started swinging about 6 years ago. We'd begun meeting people at local swing clubs and usually had some really good times. We werent really active within that community, as we didnt like to to over do things, felt it was better to keep it somerthing we would do on occasion which turned out to be once a month or so. Slowly over time, I had revealed to her in my fantasies that I had wanted to experience same sex, sex. and that i had been fantasizing about men since before we were married. she definitely didnt accept this easily but eventually we had both enjoyed including another guy in our 'dirty talk" while we might be ******* .It took less than 6 months and we decided that we should meet a bi guy that we could try a 3 way with. So we finally met some guys through things like aff, and other similar sites. for her it had to be somebody she felt a good connection with. we had some really really good sex with about 5 different guys over a period of say 2 years. this was when i discovered just how much of a turn on it was to see my wife kissing another man, sucking his ****, and ******* him with an urgency I cant even describe.One of the things I had a problem with was that during most of these sessions, L always did things with our friend that her and I would not do. or maybe i just wasnt paying close enough attention,lol things like extra time spent sucking his ****, and i mean like a good straight 10 mins of her devouring his ****, and all the many new sexual positions that i didnt know she liked so much, the after sex cuddling with him bothered me too...so, because of too much complaining from me, and alllll the questions about "is he/was he better than me? his **** is huge, did you love it more then mine?", we eventually just stopped with the 3 somes. but even after the jealousness and insecurity of me, be damned if the next day i wasnt just ******* hornier than ever thinking about all the **** that she was enjoying.

 Well before I go on i have to fill you in on more dtails about me...and its late so ill add more later...zzzz

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Great Story ! Sounds like you both had fun with her lovers !! I was in a marriage like that as well. I told my wife that I was curious about sucking a **** and watching her **** other men. It lasted two years and I would watch her ****, suck **** and some of her lovers would leave a ******** inside her for me to eat. It was wonderful and I wish I could be with a couple again !