She Wants a Boy Toy

As an old soldier,and having been married at 19 to a ******** from new orleans, you can imagine I have pretty much seen and done it all. 

At 27 I - for reasons unknown now- remarried a lovely girl who, for all intents and purposes led a most sheltered life.  Having only seen, and perhaps touched her brothers in a fit of passion.  She found early on, around 12 that her large breasts attracted sometimes unwanted attention, but always seemed to excite both her and the onlookers at the thought of being an object of lust.  For many years pleasuring herself became her sole outlet. Having come from a strict family with little leeway for dating, she related to me how she discovered pleasuring herself by cinching her thighs or finding a "toy" was her greatest thrill

As might be expected, I took the lead in all of our sexual play, showing her things she had never dreamed of.  Some, reluctantly she engaged in, others she found fascinating.  Over the years she became obsessed with the male organ.  Now granted, as I said, Im an old soldier and lived thru many a bj in my day.  Beyond a doubt this lady was and is the best.  I think her fascination with the male organ translates to the way she holds, kisses, caresses and wraps her lips around it.  Not to be the sole source of her pleasure, she is always down for "riding" one as well.

That said, shortly after our marriage - some two years into the gig- I began to have these occasional fantasies of watching her, and occassionally participating in an mfm.  What I call the **** star syndrom- every husband secretly or openly wishes to see his wife hot and heavy with another guy- .  That said, I began to tell her of my dreams and met immediately with strong resistance.

The years went by and I continued to have, albeit more frequently the same desires...fantasies turned to nearly nightly dreams.  Each day I would recount for her my dreams in detail...her seducing another guy, slowly giving him a bj and  then climbing on top and riding him like an old horse till she orgasimed, her 44DD breasts swaying as she bounced up and down on his solid rod.

As time passed, her resistance to the idea faded, and in fact she began to fantasize of the situation.  Always her in control, dictating when and if I got to play too.  She confided at one point - not that long ago- that the thought of making me watch her actually turned her on tremendously.

Then one day came the words I had waited some 25 years to hear.  She not only was willing to play an mfm, she had decided that she wanted a younger man - some 33 y/o as a play toy.  What a great day for me!  (If I dont pass away before she finds the boy toy).

So now here we are, in our 50's with grown children, ready to take on the world of exploratory fun - doing those things one MUST do before ones time on earth is through.

All we need is a "young stud" who finds my lovely (she looks 30, one of those ladies who does not age as shown by my icon-yup thats her) 44DD very oral lady worth investing a nite or two in exchange for complete orgasimic pleasure.

I should mention, during that conversation where she finally capitulated - she did ask in her soft voice as I tongued her belly - what if I choose a woman - my spine tingled - I replied..its your choice why not both?

So the door is now open...and when (soon I hope) I can locate her they say in ancient Rome - Let the games begin!_

caligulabarbarosa caligulabarbarosa
51-55, M
Dec 8, 2008