Sex On a House Boat

My wife and I attended a party, and met a couple who lived on the Ohio river about 60 miles from us. They were in their thirties, and really good looking. While drinking and socializing, Gary brought up the subject of swapping. He said he and his wife had been in the life style for a few years, and really enjoyed it. We were interested. We loved each other, but wanted to keep our relationship from getting boring. Gary suggested we come to their house boat the next Saturday, and spend the day water skiing and partying. He said he and his wife would break us in to swinging.

Saturday found us on their boat cruising the river with a ski boat in tow. we were drinking, and getting ready for our initiation. the girls were both wearing short shorts and tube tops.

We noticed a large tug boat approaching. Garry said the girls should get naked as the tug passed and give the crew a thrill.At first they just laughed, but then the idea started to gel. There were four men standing on the deck of the tug. as they passed, the girls said what the hell, and pulled their tops down and shook their **** at the tug. The men cheered, and two of them dropped their pants, and shook their ***** at the girls. We all enjoyed the joke, but I could tell something had sparked in my wife.

As we continued up river, we started to feel and kiss each others wife. we looked over to the bank, and saw two teenage boys fishing. Garry said we probably had more ***** than he and I could handle, and we should go get the boys to help us **** our wives. My wife wasted no time in saying "go a head, We'll take them on." Not one to be out done, Garry said come on. we got into the ski boat, and headed for the boys on the bank.

Garry spoke to the guys telling them we had two hot girls on the boat we were just about to ****. He asked if they would like to join us. The oldest guy said he didn't think so. He probably thought we might hurt him, or worse.The younger guy however had the balls to go for it. He left his gear on the bank, and got in our boat.

When we were back on board, the girls made our new friend more than welcome. He was sitting on a deck chair, sucking Debbies **** while my wife sucked his ****. We adjourned below deck;. My wife asked me if I minded if she started with the kid as he looked really spooked.(I think it was more his 8" ****), but whatever.

Before long, my wife was naked on the floor of the cabin with the young stud pounding her *****. After they came, Garry pulled my wife up and stuck his **** in her *****, while she sucked the kids **** back to life, Debbie was sucking me. A few minutes later, Garry put his **** in my wifes ***, and the kid *** ****** Debbie. Jane reached over and sucked my ****. Life was good. We kept trading the girls around untill all three of our ***** were due for a rest.

We took the kid back to shore, where he hurried to tell his friend how bad he had ****** up. Back on the boat, we cooked some steaks and relaxed. Garry pulled jane on his lap and was running his hands all over her body. He whispered in her ear, then asked if we could spend the night. He said that he wanted to share rim jobs with my wife, and they would be busy for a while. We went back to the cabin where Debbie andI ****** while I watched Garry do all kinds of new thingsto my wife.

The next morning, we bid our new friends goodby. We genuinely enjoyed the experience.

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3 Responses Jul 18, 2007

I noticed in your story you used the past tense of love.

Truly sweet and wonderful!

WOW........exactly what I'm dreaming about. I'm trying to talk my wife into it, guess I just need the right friends to help.