Adviceto Guys With This Fantasy

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful wife that you can trust only to experience this lifestyle within the perameters the two of you establish, don't ever take her for granted. When she comes back to you after being in another mans arms, love her , devour her, and cherish her. Don't ever let the jealousies you may feel show to her. Let her know that she is the sexiest of all the women you may have been with, and you wouldn't trade her for anyone. (This was all true in my case) If you ever feel the attraction to another woman grow stronger than that for your wife, KICK YOURSELF IN THE ***. Remember that different isn't better, it's only different. And, when tjhe different wears off, and it will, You will probably be left with much less woman than you had. She loved you enough to degrade herself for your fantasy. She loved you enough to do things in front of you that was totally against her nature, for your pleasure more than hers. If she really enjoys herself, celebrate with her. Try to make her next lover even better than the last. If you do this, (screw your head on sraight) She'll always be going home with you.

This as are all of my stories true and from personal experience.

ynned5050 ynned5050
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1 Response Jul 18, 2007

So true, like what you said and you are right, I have worked on my wife to be the hot wife and she has complied but the one time I showed some jealousy it messed things up for a while.