Nice Night

t was Saturday and tonight was her date. Man was I excited. We went to Springfield and got a room, we agreed to meet this guy there. We waited a little and there was the knock at the door. He came in and sat down, we all talked a little, and off we went. I tried to get her to suck his **** but she wouldn't, she was just like later baby later.

We went out drank a few played some pool and finally got back to the room. I will never forget it. I sat on the bed and waited patiently. They were both sitting on the little couch, finally my beautiful wife slid down and they started making out. They quickly moved to the bed, with clothes falling off on the way. I watched as he laid down and pulled his underwear off. My wife started sucking on his **** like crazy, She gives very good head and is proud of her abilities. pretty soon she moved so they were in a 69 position I was so hard, but just watched. She sucked on his **** for a good five minutes or so then turned around and got on top of him. I got to watch her take his **** in her hand and guide it into her tight, clean shaven, pierced *****, That almost made me ***. Now he was in her and she was lovin it, she started riding him and was loving his **** in her. I got in front of them and watched in amazement as my wife was ******* this guy. He then got on top of her and really started pounding her ***** hard, I mean you could really hear it good his balls were slapping up against her ***** lips and ***. By now I couldn't wait and she had my **** in her mouth.

Then what happened next shocked the hell out of me, he pulled his **** out of her, put some lube on it and slid it right in her ***. this was usually a treat I had to beg for but not him. Now i was listening to her moan and groan and then she said I want you in my *****. This was a shocker too but didn't take me long to get my **** in her, I'll never forget looking down at her with two dicks stuck in her and loving it we all came and then all slept together she wanted two lay between two ***** all night.

The next morning I woke up and laid there for a min she woke up and started rubbing him, waking him up. When he woke completely up my wife was sitting on top of him already ******* him. It was great. By far our best date ever.

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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Dang thats nice

Well - she's a pleaser for sure! I'm wondering if she let him in her *** for you, for him or for herself!

Have you ever wanted to watch her getting ****** where she knows you're there, but her lover doenn't?